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Nov/Dec 2007
Vol. 71 · No. 3

Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-08-001


The Greening of Public Roadsides

by Amit Armstrong, Scott Riley, David Steinfeld, and Kim M. Wilkinson

FHWA reinforces its commitment to environmental stewardship by developing an integrated approach to establishing native plants along roadsides.

Senior Mobility Series: Article 8 New Vehicle Technologies May Help Older Drivers

by David Band and Mike Perel

Night vision enhancement, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warnings, and other innovative systems enhance transportation safety for senior motorists.

Spotlight on Transportation Planning

by Jody McCullough and Elizabeth Machek

FHWA and FTA are partnering to recognize innovative practices at the State, local, and tribal levels.

A New Look at Sensors

by David Gibson, Milton K. "Pete" Mills, and Lawrence A. Klein

FHWA's updated Traffic Detector Handbook describes in-roadway and over-roadway technologies for vehicle detection as key to ITS deployment.

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