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Sept/Oct 2008
Vol. 72 · No. 2

Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-08-006


Steel Versus GFRP Rebars?

by Roger H. L. Chen, Jeong-Hoon Choi, Hota V. GangaRao, and Peter A. Kopac

Field studies show that glass fiber-reinforced polymer offers a low life-cycle cost option for reinforcement in concrete pavements.

Gearing Up for SafeTrip-21

by Ellen Bell, Michael Dinning, Michael Kay, Gary Ritter, John C. Smith, and Sian Steward

RITA is promoting technology solutions for improving transportation safety and reducing congestion.

The Ongoing Evolution of FRP Bridges

by Jim Williams

In a research project on new hybrid structural construction, Texas explored the viability of custom fiber-reinforced polymer beams.

Applying AQS In the Highway Industry

by Alberto Miron, Richard B. Rogers, and Peter A. Kopac

The advanced quality system offers promise for improving pavement quality while helping agencies finish paving projects on time and within budget.

Using Supercomputers to Determine Bridge Loads

by Kornel Kerenyi, Tanju Sofu, and Junke Guo

FHWA and the Argonne National Laboratory are using multidimensional programs to study hydrodynamic forces on flooded bridge decks.

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