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Jan/Feb 2010
Vol. 73 · No. 4

Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-10-002


Highways For LIFE

by Kathleen A. Bergeron

The pilot program has facilitated adoption of many innovative technologies ranging from prefab bridge components to all-weather pavement markings, and more.

Visualization's Next Frontier

by Mark Taylor and Steve Moler

The time has come for this design tool to advance from use as a conceptual exhibit to full integration into the project development process.

Spotlight on Senior Mobility

by Michael F. Trentacoste

This overview summarizes a series of articles that appeared in Public Roads recently, focusing on transportation challenges that face an aging population.

Handy Lessons From Overseas on Walking and Bicycling

by Gabe Rousseau

Tag along on a scan tour of Europe to pick up new insights on how to develop livable communities by making them friendlier to nonmotorized traffic.

Risking Success Through Flexible Design

by Keith Harrison and Stephanie Roth

Exercising sound engineering judgment can help create sustainable transportation solutions while enhancing community livability.

Practical Design

by Joseph Jones

MoDOT emphasizes a new philosophy of doing everything well instead of a few things perfectly.

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