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July/August 2010
Vol. 74 · No. 1

Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-10-005


Transportation Lessons From Central Europe

by Daniel J. Berman

FHWA and Rhode Island highway officials visited the Czech Republic and Poland to share technology, policies, and practices.

Are We Winning or Losing the War on Weeds?

by Mary Ann Rondinella and Bonnie L. Harper-Lore

The attack of invasive plants on the Nation's roadsides is still ongoing, but emerging alliances and their successful strategies are on the counterattack.

Street Design: Part 1—Complete Streets

by Robin Smith, Sharlene Reed, and Shana Baker

From policy statements to programs and planning, opportunities abound for improving the accessibility of the transportation system for all users.

From Hot to Warm

by Matthew Corrigan, Dave Newcomb, and Thomas Bennert

FHWA and its partners continue to advance warm-mix asphalt, which can cut production costs and emissions and still provide long-lasting pavements.

Hazard Mitigation R&D Series: Article 2—Scour, Flooding, and Inundation

by Kornel Kerenyi and Junke Guo

The FHWA hydraulics R&D program conducts advanced and applied research to mitigate disaster risks by addressing three of the main hazards.

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