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January/February 2011
Vol. 74 · No. 4

Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-11-002


Managing Traffic Operations During Adverse Weather Events

by Roemer M. Alfelor and C. Y. David Yang

FHWA is working with transportation and meteorological experts to develop strategies to reduce crashes and delays due to storms and harsh atmospheric conditions.

Twisting Roads Still Spell Trouble

by Roya Amjadi and Kimberly Eccles

FHWA and States have joined forces on research to improve safety at curves, where crash fatality rates remain comparatively high.

Winds, Windstorms, and Hurricanes

by Harold R. Bosch

FHWA’s Aerodynamics Laboratory is working on a number of research fronts to make bridges more resilient.

Using GPR to Unearth Sensor Malfunctions

by James A. Arnold, David R. P. Gibson, Milton K. "Pete" Mills, Michael Scott, and Jack Youtcheff

Ground-penetrating radar assesses loop detectors to determine necessary repairs so that all vehicles, including motorcycles, will be able to trigger traffic signals.

Traffic Simulation Runs: How Many Needed?

by Jonathan D. Wiegand and C. Y. David Yang

FHWA conducted a CORSIM case study to examine the validity of computer models for generating results that are reliable enough to make transportation investment decisions.

Pooling Talent and Technologies

by Steve Albert and O. A. Elrahman

How University Transportation Centers are improving transportation through innovative partnerships, creating a win-win for government, universities, industry-and motorists.

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