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Federal Highway Administration > Publications > Public Roads > Vol. 74 · No. 5 > Conferences/Special Events Calendar

March/April 2011
Vol. 74 · No. 5

Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-11-003

Conferences/Special Events Calendar






May 8–12, 2011 13th National Transportation Planning Applications Conference Transportation Research Board (TRB) Reno, NV Robert Schiffer
May 14–19, 2011 13th National Scenic and Historic Trails Conference Partnership for the National Trails System Abingdon, VA Julia Glad
May 18–20, 2011 Building Bridges 2011 International Annual Conference Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) San Francisco, CA Jane Bierstedt
May 18–20, 2011 4th International Transportation Systems Performance Measurement Conference TRB Irvine, CA Martine Micozzi
June 5–7, 2011 TMCA Annual Conference & Exposition Transportation Marketing & Communications Association (TMCA) San Diego, CA Colleen Reasoner
June 5–8, 2011 International Bridge Conference® Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania Pittsburgh, PA Conor McGarvey
412–261–0710, ext. 11
June 6–8, 2011 17th International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment Wessex Institute of Technology Transactions on the Built Environment Pisa, Italy Claire Shiell
+44 (0) 238 0293223
June 12–15, 2011 SLA 2011 Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO Special Libraries Association (SLA) Philadelphia, PA SLA Events
June 14–17, 2011 1st International Conference on Access Management Hellenic Association of Rural
and Surveying Engineers, TRB,
Technical Chamber of Greece,
Greek Ministry of Infrastructure,
Transport and Networks
Athens, Greece Maria Arvaniti
(+30) 210 7414728
July 18–20, 2011 19th International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory (ISTTT19) University of California, Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies Berkeley, CA ISTTT19 Secretary
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