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March/April 2013
Vol. 76 · No. 5

Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-13-003


Every Day Counts: The Second Phase

by Kathleen Bergeron

FHWA champions a new round of innovations to reduce delivery time for highway projects and increase safety.

Innovative Partnerships Help Inventory Traffic Signs

by Seri Park, Leslie Myers McCarthy, John McFadden, and George Merritt

A win-win: University students gain real-world experience working on transportation projects with local public agencies that have limited resources.

Postwar Houses: A Transportation Timebomb?

by Emily Pettis and Amy Squitieri

NCHRP has developed a model for evaluating the mid-century residences that soon might trigger a huge need for Section 106 compliance by Federal-aid or federally permitted highway projects.

Understanding Driver Behavior in Work Zones

by Taylor W.P. Lochrane, Haitham Al-Deek, Jawad Paracha, and Tracy Scriba

Researchers are working on microsimulation modeling to improve mobility and reduce congestion.

Taking the Next Step

by David R.P. Gibson, Paul Burton, Neil Boudreau, Michael J. Bobinsky, Jim Hoben, Bo Ling, and Billie Louise Bentzen

During a recent large-scale field test of a new stereo vision system for detecting pedestrians at street crossings, FHWA focused on the visually impaired.

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