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May/June 2014
Vol. 77 · No. 6

Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-14-004


Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Chris Dingman

Border crossings are the focus of two key FHWA initiatives to assist the U.S.-Canadian joint effort to improve security while expediting trade.

Predicting Your Pavement’s Future

by Nastaran Saadatmand, Beth Visintine, and Gonzalo R. Rada

Researchers are incorporating local data and other tweaks to improve predictions of road surface performance and enhance overall asset management.

Engineering Scenic Highways

by Sherry Barboza Hayman, Courtney Chiaparas, and Norah Davis

This spotlight on the work of FHWA’s Office of Federal Lands Highway illustrates the challenges and rewards of providing safe and innovative roadways on public lands.

Why Did the Pedestrian Cross the Road?

by Ann H. Do, Stacy A. Balk, and Jim W. Shurbutt

Yep, to get to the other side. But why at unmarked locations? A recent FHWA study examined that question with an eye on measures to increase safety.

Transportation Gets Social

by Tom White

FHWA and State agencies across the country are liking their expanding use of social media.

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