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Federal Highway Administration > Publications > Public Roads > Vol. 61· No. 6 > AASHTO's SiteManager Tames Contract Documentation

May/June 1998
Vol. 61· No. 6

AASHTO's SiteManager Tames Contract Documentation

Mr Author

SiteManager is the latest addition to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials' (AASHTO) Trns.Port (Transportation Software Management Solution) family of software. Trns.Port is the new name for the BAMS (Bid Analysis Management System) line of software programs. BAMS began with a single program, also called BAMS, that allowed highway agencies to analyze bids for collusion. As additional features were added, the BAMS name came to refer to a collection of programs for managing highway construction projects. The original BAMS software is now just one part of the Trns.Port family of software programs.

Several Trns.Port products are available or under development:

  • CES (Cost Estimation System), for preparing preliminary and item-level project cost estimates.
  • PES (Proposal and Estimates System), for use in the preletting phase of a bid.
  • CAS (Construction Administration System), for managing contract information from award to final payment.
  • LAS (Letting and Awards System), for helping highway agencies to advertise and process proposals, track proposal holders, review bid information, and award contracts.
  • BAMS/DSS (Decision Support System), for bid monitoring and evaluation, vendor analysis, and as-bid to as-built analysis.
  • Estimator, for providing cost estimates using cost-based and bid-based techniques.
  • Expedite, an electronic bidding system for providing secure online communications for bid items.
  • SiteManager, a contract management system. SiteManager is bigger than all the other Trns.Port products combined.
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