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Jan/Feb 1999
Vol. 62· No. 4


Effects of Partial and Total Sleep Deprivation on Driving Performance

by Robert D. Peters, Esther Wagner, Elizabeth Alicandri, Jean E. Fox, Maria L. Thomas, David R. Thorne, Helen C. Sing, and Sharon M. Balwinski

The National Sleep Foundation estimates that more than two-thirds of American adults have a sleep-related problem and that 23 percent have actually fallen asleep while driving. These shocking statistics are based on data collected in a national telephone survey of 1,027 Americans in late 1997 and early 1998.

A Silver Bullet: Shoulder Texture Treatments

by Ann Walls

You see, many of us in the safety community have been waiting for a hero like the Lone Ranger to ride in, shoot a couple of silver bullets into their safety problems, and end them. It's a pretty good story, but most of the time, it's simplistic and far-fetched.

It's a Jungle Out There: Using the Bullnose Guardrail to Protect the Elephant Traps

by John D. Reid, Martin W. Hargrave, and Doug Rekenthaler Jr.

They are as common as billboards, as important to motorists' safety as the seat belts they wear, and as innocuous as the mile markers and reflectors that line our highways.

Introducing FHWA's NDE Validation Center

by Brent M. Phares, Glenn Washer, and Mark Moore

The National Bridge Inspection Program (NBIP), established by the Federal Highway Act of 1968, requires the states to periodically inventory and inspect all highway structures on the federal aid system.

CVISN: The Information Highway Meets the Asphalt Jungle

by Michael Curtis and Jeff Secrist

For the past decade, much has been made of the American workplace's transition to a paperless environment.

Making What's Good Even Better

by Anthony R. Kane

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is an agency that has provided more than 105 years of quality service to the nation.


by Melissa J. Allen

Chicago's O'Hare Airport is a busy, often confusing place, especially for passengers whose final destination is downtown Chicago.

Office of Motor Carriers and Highway Safety: Always "Safety First"

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