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Federal Highway Administration Research and Technology
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Publication Number: FHWA-RD-02-101
Date: January 2003

FY 2002 Performance Report

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SECTION I: Who We Are and What We Do
SECTION II: The Strategic Framework
    Vision and Mission
    FHWA Goals, "Vital Few," and Roles
    Corporate Role in Technology and Innovation Deployment
SECTION III: Our Business Results
    RD&T Challenges, Commitments, and Achievements
    Leadership Council Action Agenda Status
    RD&T Research Project Status Summary
    RD&T Research Success Stories
SECTION IV:RD&T Performance Management
    Relevance, Quality, and Performance
    Planning and Priority Setting
    Stakeholder Advisory Activities and Feedback
    The Performance Management Team
    The Lab Assessment Process
    The Performance Management Framework
    RD&T Research Benefits Case Studies
    RD&T Annual Quality Self Assessment
APPENDICES: Project and Services Status Tables
    A : RD&T Research Project Status Tables
    B : RD&T Services Tables
    C : RD&T Research and Technology Partnerships
    D : RD&T Educational Outreach Partnerships
    E : List of Abbreviations

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