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Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-08-021
Date: Fall 2007

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TFHRC Organizational Directory Fall 2007

Office of the Associate Administrator, HRT-1

Fax: 202-493-3170


Dennis Judycki

Associate Administrator/Director of TFHRC


Primary Responsibilities

  • National Highway Research and Technology (R&T) Partnership leadership development and coordination
  • Corporate facilitation and coordination of research, technology, and innovation deployment
  • Advancement of Agency's strategic mission and role of "Innovators for a Better Future"

Backup Person

Michael Trentacoste

Jean Landolt

Executive Assistant


Primary Responsibilities

  • Administrative support

Major Projects

  • Office management

Backup Person

Liz Simpson

Steve Chase

Chief Scientist, TFHRC


Primary Responsibilities

  • Strategic Planning for TFHRC
  • Coordination of R&D at TFHRC
  • Exploratory Advanced Research at TFHRC

Joe Moyer

Scientific Quality Assurance Manager


Primary Responsibilities

  • Lab Assessment
  • Data Quality
  • Peer Review

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