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Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-08-021
Date: Fall 2007

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TFHRC Organizational Directory Fall 2007

RD&T Organizational Chart

RD&T Organizational Chart - Click for text description

Text Description

RD&T Organizational Chart - Text Description

This organization chart depicts the RD&T's structure and organizational components.


Dennis Judycki, Associate Administrator*

Jean Landolt, Secretary

Steve Chase, Chief Scientist

Joe Moyer, Scientific Quality Assurance Manager

Vacant, Administrative Assistant (C)

Offices within RD&T

Office of Corporate Research and Technology

Debra Elston, Director

Program Coordinator, Vacant

Kimberly Williams, Administrative Assistant

Andrena Johnson, Administrative Assistant (C)

TaMara McCrae

John Munro

Program Development & Partnership Team, Debra Elston, Team Director

Communications & Outreach Team, Vacant, Team Director

Exploratory Advanced Research Team, Vacant, Team Director

Office of Resource Management

Doreen McCarthy, Director

Carmen Dupuy, Administrative Assistant (C)

Georgia Curtis

Angela Lee

Masoud Nasabzadeh

Quang Nguyen

Carol Roberts

Chris Shehade

Vacant, Program Analyst

Office of Infrastructure R&D

Gary Henderson, Director

John McCracken, Research Program Manager for Infrastructure

Ian Friedland, Technical Director, Bridges & Structures R&D

Cheryl Richter, Technical Director, Pavements R&D

Vacant, Advanced Research Coordinator

Cara Fitzgerald, Program Coordinator

James Klein, Administrative Assistant

Vacant, Administrative Assistant

Hiwot Abdi, Administrative Assistant (C)

Bridge Design and Construction Team, Bill Wright, Team Leader

Bridge Safety, Reliability, and Security Team, Sheila Duwadi, Team Leader

Infrastructure Inspection and Mgmt. Team, Joey Hartmann, Team Leader

Pavement Materials and Construction Team, Jack Youtcheff, Team Leader

Pavement Design and Performance Modeling Team, Katherine Petros, Team Leader

Long-Term Pavement Performance Team, Aramis López, Team Leader

Office of Safety R&D

Michael Trentacoste, Director

Diana Martin, Program Analyst

Lincoln Cobb, Technology Facilitator

Liz Simpson, Administrative Assistant (C)

Advanced Research Team, Kunik Lee

Roadside Team, Ken Opiela, Team Leader

Roadway Team, Carl Andersen, Team Leader

Safety Management Team, Carol H. Tan, Team Leader

Human Centered Systems Team, Tom M. Granda, Team Leader

Office of Operations R&D

Joseph Peters, Director

Robert Ferlis, Technical Director for Operations

Vacant, Administrative Program Assistant

Travel Management Team, Raj Ghaman, Team Leader

Enabling Technologies Team, Gene McHale, Team Leader

Travel Management Team, Raj Ghaman, Team Leader

Enabling Technologies Team, Gene McHale, Team Leader

* The Associate Administrator for Research, Development, and Technology also directs the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center.

October 2007

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