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Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-08-054
Date: Spring 2008

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TFHRC Organizational Directory Spring 2008


Office of the Associate Administrator, HRT-01

Office of Resource Management, HRRM-01

Management Services Division, HAIM-20

Office of Research, Technology, and Innovation Management, HRTM-01

R&T Program Development and Partnership Team, HRTM-02

Communications and Outreach Team, HRTM-03

Exploratory Advanced Research Team, HRTM-04

R&T Publications Support

Carlton Brigham

Federal Highway Administration Research Library

Office of Operations R&D, HRDO-01

Technical Direction, HRDO-02

Travel Management Team, HRDO-03

Enabling Technologies Team, HRDO-04

Office of Safety R&D, HRDS-01

Technical Direction, HRDS-02

Advanced Research, HRDS-03

Roadside Team, HRDS-04

Roadway Team, HRDS-05

Safety Management Team, HRDS-06

Human Centered Systems Team, HRDS-07

Office of Infrastructure R&D, HRDI-01

Technical Direction, Bridges and Structures R&D, HRDI-03

Technical Direction, Pavement R&D, HRDI-04

Bridge Design and Construction Team, HRDI-06

Bridge Safety, Reliability, and Security Team, HRDI-07

Infrastructure Inspection and Management Team, HRDI-10

Pavement Materials and Construction Team, HRDI-11

Pavement Design and Performance Modeling Team, HRDI-12

Long-Term Pavement Performance Team, HRDI-13

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