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This report is an archived publication and may contain dated technical, contact, and link information
Publication Number: FHWA-RD-00-096
Date: April 2000

FY 2000/2001 Action Agenda - RD&T Unit Plan




Introduction | Action Agenda

View the products resulting from the Action Agenda:
Safety | Mobility | Productivity | Human & Natural Environment

Product  Team  Status 
Run Off Road Prevention & Mitigation 
Interactive Highway Design Safety Design Model (IHSDM): beta tests on
• Policy Review Module
• Design Consistency Module
• Crash Prediction Module
Roadway Team  
Sign and Pavement Markings Retroreflectivity Research Findings
Roadway Team  
All-Weather Pavement Markings Study and Findings  Roadway Team  
Ultraviolet Lighting and Fluorescence Materials Pilot Test Results at VA Tech's "Smart Road" Roadway Team  
Crash Test Simulation Models at National Crash Analysis Center for:
• Transitions
• Wood Materials for Guardrails
• 18,000-lb Single-Unit Trucks
Roadside Team  
Vehicle Crash Testing and Results for Transitions, Cable Guardrails, and Buried-in-back Slope Terminals Roadside Team  
R&D Program Plan to address rollover crashes Roadside Team  
Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety 
Pedestrian/Bicycle Crash Analysis Tool (PBCAT) Software
Roadway Team  
Pedestrian Facilities Safety User Guide Roadway Team  
ITS Pedestrian Safety Applications Information Guide Roadway Team  

Pedestrian/Bicycle Transportation Safety University Course

Roadway Team  
Safety Management Systems 
Highway Safety Information System (HSIS) Summary Reports on:
• Proximity
• Red Light Running
• High Priority Roadside Safety
Safety Management Team  
Geographic Information System (GIS) Safety Analysis Tool: Version 2.0  Safety Management Team  
Initiate Comprehensive Highway Safety Improvement Model project Safety Management Team  
Work Zone Accident Exposure Analysis Technical Brief  Safety Management Team  
Safety Data Analytical Support to the Safety Core Business Unit & Field Safety Management Team  
Speed Management 
Variable Speed Limit Technical Assessment Plan and Proposed Pilot Studies: developed and coordinated with NCHRP 3-59 Roadway Team  
Roundabouts Information Guide Roadway Team  
Human Factors Safety 
Truck Rest Stop Study & Report to Congress Roadway Team & Human Center System Team  
Revise Older Driver Handbook and course  Human Center System Team  
Intelligent Vehicle Initative (IVI) 

Evaluation of Intelligent Vehicle Initiative (IVI) Generation 0 Field Operational Tests

Enabling Technologies Team  
Assessment of Societal and Institutional Issues for IVI Enabling Technologies Team  
Identification of Sensor-Friendly Vehicle and Roadway Methods Enabling Technologies Team  
Evaluate Technologies for Specialty Vehicles   Enabling Technologies Team    

Introduction | Action Agenda

View the products resulting from the Action Agenda:
Safety | Mobility | Productivity | Human & Natural Environment

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