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Publication Number: FHWA-RD-02-088
Date: May 2003

Evaluation of Joint and Crack Load Transfer Final Report

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The analyses reported in this document were intended to calculate LTE and backcalculate stiffnesses of cracks and joint of PCC pavements from deflection measurements, as well as joint opening from gage distance data, and recommend representative parameters for each section for inclusion in the LTPP database.  This report presents a discussion on the selection of the computational methodology and the results of the calculations of LTE and stiffness of cracks and joints for GPS, SPS, and SMP rigid pavement sections, as well as changes in joint opening for SMP sections.  The following are highlights of the study:

Design, construction, and evaluation implications:

To improve procedures for evaluation of PCC joints and cracks, the most urgent needs are to:

These additional studies will significantly improve our understanding of rigid pavement behavior and significantly contribute toward the improvement of mechanistic-empirical design procedures.

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