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Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-05-053
Date: September 2005

Long-Term Plan for Concrete Pavement Research and Technology - The Concrete Pavement Road Map: Volume II, Tracks

Figure 12.

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Figure 12. Bar Chart. Track 12 (AM) unphased subtrack and problem statement chart.

Track 12 (AM) unphased subtrack and problem statement chart.The horizontal bar chart in this figure shows the problem statements in track 12, Advanced Concrete Pavement Materials (AM), grouped by subtrack. Because this track is unphased, no time phasing is shown. There are three subtracks in track 12: (1) Performance-Enhancing Concrete Pavement Materials; (2) Construction-Enhancing Concrete Pavement Materials; and (3) Environment-Enhancing Concrete Pavement Materials. Subtrack 1 contains eight problem statements: Problem Statement AM 1.1. Flexible Cementitious Overlay Materials; Problem Statement AM 1.2. High-Performance, Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Pavements; Problem Statement AM 1.3. Pervious Concrete Pavement Program; Problem Statement AM 1.4. Carbon Dioxide-Treated Materials; Problem Statement AM 1.5. Reactive Powder Concretes as Ductile Materials; Problem Statement AM 1.6. Chemically Bonded Ceramic; Problem Statement AM 1.7. Localized High-Quality Concrete at the Joints; and Problem Statement AM 1.8. Alternative Reinforcement Material for Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements. Subtrack 2 contains eight problem statements: Problem Statement AM 2.1. Application of Self-Consolidating Concrete for Concrete Paving; Problem Statement AM 2.2. Applying Very High-Strength Concrete to Pavement Operations; Problem Statement AM 2.3. Dry-Laid Concrete; Problem Statement AM 2.4. Energetically Modified Cement; Problem Statement AM 2.5. Advanced Curing Materials; Problem Statement AM 2.6. Cold Weather Concreting Advancements; Problem Statement AM 2.7. Advancements in Internal Curing of Concrete; Problem Statement AM 2.8. Self-Curing Concrete. Subtrack 3 contains eight problem statements: Problem Statement AM 3.1. Cement Containing Titanium Dioxide; Problem Statement AM 3.2. Sulfur Concrete; Problem Statement AM 3.3. Increased Percentages of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement as an Aggregate for Concrete Paving Mixtures; Problem Statement AM 3.4. Mix Design Considerations with Recycled Concrete Aggregate; Problem Statement AM 3.5. Acceptance Criteria for Using Recycled Aggregate; Problem Statement AM 3.6. Waste Materials in Concrete Mixes; Problem Statement AM 3.7. Ecocement for Concrete Mixes; and Problem Statement AM 3.8. Polymer Concrete Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles.

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