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Publication Number: FHWA-RD-98-084

The information in this manual does not necessarily represent current practice. It is on this site for archival reference purposes only.

FHWA Field Manual for Bridge Painting Inspection


Project #___________________



Environmental Conditions Check the following prior to beginning painting operations and at 4-hour intervals:

  • Temperature--------Specification limits______________ Measured_______

  • Relative humidity-------Specification limit_________ Measured________

  • Dew Point_____

  • Steel surface temperature (should be min. of 3°C (5°F ) above dew point) _____

  • Excessive wind not present.___


For spray applications:

  • Pot pressure set to provide adequate paint supply to spray gun.___
  • Atomization pressure set just high enough to atomize paint . ___
  • Proper technique used. ___

For brush, roller, or mitt applications:

  • Verify material compatibility. ___
  • Proper technique used. ___

For all methods:

  • Immediate repair of unsightly runs, drip, and pinholes. ___
  • Check wet film thickness. Verify acceptability. ___
  • Check dry film thickness. Verify acceptability. ___

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