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Publication Number: FHWA-RD-98-084

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FHWA Field Manual for Bridge Painting Inspection

Pre-Painting Conference

Project #___________________



The following issues should be addressed in this meeting. Minutes should be kept and a copy should be given to all meeting participants. Document any agreements reached.

  • The nature of the work and its effects on the surroundings, including possible mitigation measures.
  • Contractor’s method of operation, including equipment and personnel.

  • Contractor’s schedule. Discuss weather-related concerns.

  • Contractor’s job-specific worker health and safety plan (if lead paint is present).

  • Proper storage of material and equipment.

  • Location of recycling and dust collection and storage equipment.

  • Inspector safety, including provision of safe access and safety from lead contamination.

  • Inspection and measurement procedures, including control points.

  • Identification and treatment of inaccessible areas.

  • Product Data Sheets and Materials Safety Data Sheets for all relevant materials.

  • Visual standards to be met. Discuss contractor’s preparation of field reference sections.

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