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Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-12-074
Date: September 2012


Large Field Test of New Stereo Detection System for The Pedestrian Signal Phase for The Visually Impaired

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The objective of this report is to validate a new tool to assist the physically and visually impaired in safely crossing streets. This was accomplished by conducting a large field test in four cities in four States. These study results will help officials determine whether pedestrian detection systems can be operated safely without interfering with other traffic control tools. Proposed configurations may extend the pedestrian signal timing phase or omit a pedestrian phase when no pedestrians are present. The final system configuration results indicate that the stereo pedestrian system works without interfering with other systems. This report provides details and raw data for the tests so that decisionmakers may make their own evaluations.

Joseph I. Peters
Director, Office of Operations
Research and Development


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