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Date: 1999

Producing Correct Software

Producing Reliable Software – Other References

Here is a list of useful references for developing high reliability software.

  • Safeware, System Safety and Computers, by Prof. Nancy Leveson [Addison Wesley, 1995, 0-201-11972-2]. This is a truly excellent book. It covers the following topics:
    • How software safety relates to system safety.
    • An introduction to safety and system engineering for software developers.
    • The Safeware lifecycle.
    • Techniques for hazard analysis.
    • Developing specifications for safety-critical software.
  • Handbook for Verification, Validation and Evaluation of Expert Systems, Advanced Research Team, Office of Traffic and Safety Operations, Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Lab, Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Dept. of Transportation, 1995. This is the most complete reference to date on these topics:
    • Verification and validation of existing expert systems
    • How to develop high reliability expert systems.

      [Note: Rodger Knaus, president of Instant Recall, is one of the authors of this handbook.]

  • Fatal Defect by Ivars Peterson [Times Books/Random House, 1995, 0-8129-2023-6.] This is a very readable history of software and hardware bugs and the problems caused by them. This book is written for the nontechnical audience, but also contains a lot of interest for computer professionals:
    • A very complete list of references.
    • Analyses of a number of computer-caused accidents.
    • Well-presented discussions of attempts to manage hardware and software problems.
  • Landauer, Christopher and Kirstie L. Bellman. "Constructed Complex Systems: Issues, Architectures and Wrappings", pp. 233-38 in Proceedings EMCSR 96: Thirteenth European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research, Symposium on Complex Systems Analysis and Design, 9-12 April 1996, Vienna.
    • This is a paper about wrapping by the inventors of the concept.
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