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Publication Number: FHWA-RD-00-067
Date: June 2000

Roundabout: An Informational Guide

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The document is divided into smaller sections for easier viewing and printing:

Table of Contents, List of Exhibits, and Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF - 2,319KB)

Chapter 2 - Policy Considerations (PDF - 2,355 KB)

Chapter 3 - Planning (PDF - 647KB)

Chapter 4 - Operation (PDF - 370KB)

Chapter 5 - Safety (PDF - 397KB)

Chapter 6 - Geometric Design (PDF - 651KB)

Chapter 7 - Traffic Design and Landscaping (PDF - 835KB)

Chapter 8 - System Considerations (PDF - 420KB)

Glossary, Bibliography, Appendices A-C (PDF- 632KB)


Combined PDF file with all chapters (4,330KB)


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