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Publication Number: FHWA-RD-03-065
Date: September 2004

In-Vehicle Display Icons and Other Information Elements: Volume I

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  1. Environmental and facility safety signs ANSI Z535.2

  2. Criteria for safety symbols ANSI Z535.3

  3. Product safety signs and labels ANSI Z535.4

  4. Specification for symbols for controls, indicators and tell-tales for road vehicles BS AU 143f

  5. Definitions, abbreviations, and symbols ETSI EG 201 013

  6. Framework for the development, evaluation, and selection of graphical symbols ETSI EG 201 379

  7. The Multiple Index Approach (MIA) for the evaluation of pictograms ETSI ETR 070

  8. Results of an evaluation study of pictograms for point-to-point videotelephony ETSI ETR 113

  9. Pictograms for point-to-point videotelephony ETSI ETS 300 375

  10. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards: Controls and displays-Passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, trucks, and buses FMVSS 101

  11. Road vehicles-Symbols for controls, indicators, and tell-tales ISO 2575

  12. Safety colours and safety signs ISO 3864

  13. Public information symbols ISO 7001

  14. Development and principles for application of public information ISO 7239

  15. Basic principles for graphical symbols for use on equipment. Part 1: Creation of graphical symbols ISO/IEC 80461-1

  16. Basic principles for graphical symbols for use on equipment. Part 2: Form and use of arrows ISO/IEC 80461-2

  17. Graphical symbols-Test methods for judged comprehensibility and for comprehension ISO 9186

  18. Information technology-User system interfaces-Icon symbols and functions. Part 2: Object icons ISO/IEC 11581-2

  19. Information technology-User system interfaces-Icon symbols and functions. Part 6: Action icons ISO/IEC 11581-6

  20. Road vehicles: Ergonomic aspects of transport information and control systems-Specifications and compliance procedures for in-vehicle visual presentation ISO/DIS 15008

  21. Procedures for designing, evaluating, and selecting symbols, pictograms, and icons ITU-T F.910

  22. Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)

  23. Standardization agreement: Symbols in designating function of controls in transport vehicles NATO STANAG 4050

  24. Instrumentation SAA ADR 18/02

  25. Development, testing, and implementation of information and safety symbols and symbolic signs SAA AS 2342

  26. Public information symbol signs-Consolidated index SAA AS 2899.0

  27. Public information symbol signs-General information signs SAA AS 2899.1

  28. Human interface design methodology for integrated display symbology SAE ARP 4155-A

  29. Emergency placarding-Internal and external SAE ARP 577-C

  30. Symbols for motor vehicle controls, indicators, and tell-tales, standard SAE J1048

  31. Safety signs SAE J115

  32. Graphical symbols for operator controls and displays on off-road self-propelled work machines SAE J1362

  33. Photometric guidelines for instrument panel displays that accommodate older drivers SAE J2217

  34. Road vehicles: Symbols for controls, indicators, and tell-tales SAE J2402


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