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Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-04-097
Date: August 2007

Measured Variability Of Southern Yellow Pine - Manual for LS-DYNA Wood Material Model 143

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One example output file is given here for completeness. It gives the output format for the PINE and FIR options. If the <BLANK> option is selected, then the lines for wood type through units are omitted. The example values printed are for saturated grade 1 pine at room temperature in units of MPa, cm, and ms.

Printed for PINE and FIR options only.

Default Material Property Selection:

WOOD Wood type = 0.0000e+00
EQ. 0: Southern yellow pine (default)
EQ. 1: Douglas fir
MC Moisture content (%) = 2.3000e+01
TEMP Temperature = 2.0000e+01
QT Tension/shear quality factor = 0.4700e+00
QC Compression quality factor = 0.6300e+00

Quality factor option = 0.0000e+00

EQ. 0: Grades 1, 1D, 2, 2D (default)
EQ. -1: DS-65 or SEL STR
EQ. -2: Clear wood
GT. 0:  User-defined

Apply quality factors perpendicular = 1.0000e+00

EQ. 0: Yes (default)
EQ. 1: No (use clear wood strengths)
UNITS Units = 1.0000e+00
EQ. 0: GPa, mm, ms, kg/mm3, kN (default)
EQ. 1: MPa, mm, ms, g/mm3, N
EQ. 2: MPa, mm, s, Mg/mm3, N
EQ. 3: lbf/inch2, inch, s, lb-s2/inch4, lbf

Printed for all options.

Control Parameters:
NPLOT Plot parameter = 0.0000e+00
EQ. 0: Maximum of parallel and perpendicular damage (default)
EQ. 1: Perpendicular damage
ITERS Number of plasticity algorithm iterations = 1.0000e+00
IRATE Rate-effect option = 1.0000e+00
EQ. 0: Rate effects off (default)
EQ. 1: Rate effects on
GHARD Perfect plasticity override = 0.0000e+00
EQ. 0: Perfect plasticity (default)
GT. 0: Continuous hardening
IFAIL Erode with perpendicular damage = 0.0000e+00
EQ. 0: No (default)
EQ. 1: Yes (not recommended)
EL Parallel normal modulus = 1.1350e+04
ET Perpendicular normal modulus = 2.4680e+02
GLT Parallel shear modulus = 7.1520e+02
GTR Perpendicular shear modulus = 8.7510e+01
nLT Parallel major Poisson’s ratio = 0.1568e+00

XT Parallel tensile strength = 4.0250e+01
XC Parallel compressive strength = 1.3330e+01
YT Perpendicular tensile strength = 2.0500e+00
YC Perpendicular compressive strength = 4.0820e+00
S|| Parallel shear strength = 6.2410e+00
S^ Perpendicular shear strength = 1.2730e+01

Gf I || Parallel fracture energy in tension = 4.2660e+01
Gf II || Parallel fracture energy in shear = 8.8260e+01
B Parallel softening parameter = 3.0000e+01
dmax|| Parallel maximum damage = 0.9999e+00
Gf I ^ Perpendicular fracture energy in tension = 4.0090e-01
Gf II ^ Perpendicular fracture energy in shear = 8.2950e-01
D Perpendicular softening parameter = 3.0000e+01
dmax^ Perpendicular maximum damage = 0.9900e+00

Rate Effects:
h|| Parallel fluidity parameter in tension/shear = 0.0045e+00
hc|| Parallel fluidity parameter in compression = 0.0045e+00
n|| Parallel power = 0.1070e+00
h^ Perpendicular fluidity parameter in tension/shear = 0.0962e+00
hc^ Perpendicular fluidity parameter in compression = 0.0962e+00
n^ Perpendicular power = 0.1040e+00

N|| Parallel hardening initiation = 0.5000e+00
c|| Parallel hardening rate = 4.0000e+02
N^ Perpendicular hardening initiation = 0.4000e+00
c^ Perpendicular hardening rate = 1.0000e+02

Orientation Options:
AOPT = 2.0000e+00
Orientation parameter #1 = 0.0000e+00
Orientation parameter #2 = 0.0000e+00
Orientation parameter #3 = 1.0000e+00
Orientation parameter #4 = 1.0000e+00
Orientation parameter #5 = 0.0000e+00
Orientation parameter #6 = 0.0000e+00

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