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Publication Number: FHWA-RD-95-197
Date: December 1996

Development of Human Factors Guidelines for Advanced Traveler Information Systems and Commercial Vehicle Operations: Comparable Systems Analysis


In-Vehicle Signing Information Systems (ISIS)


ISIS provides in-vehicle displays of non-commercial routing, warning, regulatory, and advisory information that is currently depicted on external roadway signs.

Roadway Sign Guidance Information

ISIS guidance information includes street signs, interchange graphics, route markers, and mile posts. Traditionally found on signs outside the vehicle, this information will be displayed inside the vehicle.

Roadway Sign Notification Information

Roadside signs that currently notify drivers of potential hazards or changes in the roadway, such as merge signs, advisory speed limits, chevrons, and curve arrows, will be displayed in the vehicle.

Roadway Sign Regulatory Information

Regulation information, such as speed limits, stop signs, yield signs, turn prohibitions, and lane use, will be provided in-vehicle.




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