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This report is an archived publication and may contain dated technical, contact, and link information
Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-06-089
Date: July 2006

PBCAT-Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Analysis Tool

Version 2.0

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The tables on the following pages show the crash types and crash groups included in the PBCAT application. These tables also show the crash group to which a specific crash type will be assigned during the typing process.


Table 4: Pedestrian Crash Types and Crash Groups

Crash Group Basic (Crash Group Number) Crash Group Description (Crash Group Name) Crash Type Basic (Crash Type Number) Crash Type Description (Crash Type Name)
100 Unusual Circumstances 110 Assault with Vehicle
120 Dispute-Related
130 Pedestrian on Vehicle
140 Vehicle-Vehicle/Object
150 Motor Vehicle Loss of Control
160 Pedestrian Loss of Control
190 Other Unusual Circumstances
220 Driverless Vehicle
230 Disabled Vehicle-Related
240 Emergency Vehicle-Related
250 Play Vehicle-Related
200 Backing Vehicle 211 Backing Vehicle–Driveway
212 Backing Vehicle–Driveway/Sidewalk Intersection
213 Backing Vehicle–Roadway
214 Backing Vehicle–Parking Lot
219 Backing Vehicle–Other/Unknown
310 Working or Playing in Roadway 311 Working in Roadway
312 Playing in Roadway
340 Bus-Related 341 commercial Bus-Releated
342 School Bus-Releated
350 Unique Midblock 320 Entering/Exiting Parked Vehicle
330 Mailbox-Related
360 Ice Cream/Vendor Truck-Related
400 Walking Along Roadway 410 Walking Along Roadway With Traffic–From Behind
420 Walking Along Roadway With Traffic–From Front
430 Walking Along Roadway Against Traffic–From Behind
440 Walking Along Roadway Against Traffic–From Front
459 Walking Along Roadway–Direction/Position Unknown
460 Crossing Driveway or Alley 460 Motorist Entering Driveway or Alley
465 Motorist Exiting Driveway or Alley
469 Driveway Crossing–Other/Unknown
500 Waiting to Cross 510 Waiting to Cross–Vehicle Turning
520 Waiting to Cross–Vehicle Not Turning
590 Waiting to Cross–Vehicle Action Unknown
600 Pedestrian in Roadway–Circumstances Unknown 620 Walking in Roadway
610 Standing in Roadway
313 Lying in Roadway
720 Multiple Threat/Trapped 710 Multiple Threat
730 Trapped
740 Dash/Dart-Out 741 Dash
742 Dart-Out
750 Crossing Roadway–Vehicle Not Turning 760 Pedestrian Failed to Yield
770 Motorist Failed to Yield
790 Crossing Roadway–Vehicle Turning 781 Motorist Left Turn–parallel Paths
782 Motorist Left Turn–Perpendicular Paths
791 Motorist Right Turn–Parallel Paths
792 Motorist Right Turn on Red–Parallel Paths
795 Motorist Right Turn–Perpendicular Paths
794 Motorist Right Turn on Red–Perpendicular Paths
799 Motorist Turn/Merge–Other/Unknown
800 Off Roadway 830 Off Roadway–Parking Lot
890 Off Roadway–Other/Unknown
910 Crossing Expressway 910 Crossing an Expressway
990 Other/Unknown–Insufficient Details 900 Other–Unknown Location
680 Nonintersection–Other/Unknown
690 Intersection–Other/Unknown


Table 5. Bicyclist Crash Types and Crash Groups

Crash Group Basic (Crash Group Number) Crash Group Description (Crash Group Name) Crash Type Basic (Crash Type Number) Crash Type Description (Crash Type Name)
110 Loss of Control/Turning Error 121 Bicyclist Lost Control–Mechanical problems
122 Bicyclist Lost Control–Oversteering, Improper Braking,Speed
123 Bicyclist Lost Control–Alcohol/Drug Impairment
124 Bicyclist Lost Control–Surface Conditions
129 Bicyclist Lost Control–Other/Unknown
131 Motorist Lost Control–Mechanical problems
132 Motorist Lost Control–Oversteering, Improper Braking,Speed
133 Motorist Lost Control–Alcohol/Drug Impairment
134 Motorist Lost Control–Surface Conditions
139 Motorist Lost Control–Other/Unknown
111 Motorist Turning Error–Left Turn
112 Motorist Turning Error–Right Turn
113 Motorist Turning Error–Other
114 Bicyclist Turning Error–Left Turn
115 Bicyclist Turning Error–Right Turn
116 Bicyclist Turning Error–other
140 Motorist Failed to Yield–Sign–Controlled Intersection 141 Motorist Drive–out–Sign–Controlled Intersection
143 Motorist Drive–through–Sign–Controlled Intersection
145 Bicyclist Failed to Yield–Sign–Controlled Intersection 142 Bicyclist Ride–out–Sign–Controlled Intersection
144 Bicyclist Ride Through–Sign-Controlled Intersection
147 Multiple Threat–Sign–Controlled Intersection
150 Motorist Failed to Yield–Signalized Intersection 152 Motorist Drive–out–Signalized Intersection
151 Motorist Drive–out–Right Turn on Red
154 Motorist Drive–through–Signalized Intersection
158 Bicyclist Failed to Yield–Signalized Intersection 153 Bicyclist Ride–out–Signalized Intersection
155 Bicyclist Ride Through–Signalized Intersection
156 Bicyclist Failed to Clear–Trapped
157 Bicyclist Failed to Clear–Multiple Threat
159 Bicyclist Failed to Clear–Unknown
190 Crossing Paths–Other Circumstances 148 Sign–Controlled Intersection–Other/Unknown
158 Signalized Intersection–Other/Unknown
180 Crossing Paths–Intersection–Other/Unknown Control
160 Crossing Paths–Uncontrolled Intersection
380 Crossing Paths–Midblock–Other/Unknow
210 Motorist Left Turn/Merge 211 Motorist Left Turn–Same Direction
212 Motorist Left Turn–Opposite Direction
215 Motorist Right Turn/Merge 213 Motorist Right Turn—Same Direction
217 Motorist Right Turn on Red–Same Direction
214 Motorist Right Turn–Opposite Direction
218 Motorist Right Turn on Red—Opposite Direction
220 Bicyclist Left Turn/Merge 221 Bicyclist Left Turn–Same Direction
222 Bicyclist Left Turn–Opposite Direction
225 Bicyclist Right Turn/Merge 223 Bicyclist Right Turn–Same Direction
224 Bicyclist Right Turn–Opposite Direction
219 Parking/Bus-Related 215 Motorist Drive-In/Out Parking
216 Bus/Delivery Vechicle Pullover
230 Motorist Overtaking Bicyclist 231 Motorist Overtaking–Undetected Bicyclist
232 Motorist Overtaking–Misjudged Space
235 Motorist Overtaking–Bicyclist Swerved
239 Motorist Overtaking–Other/ Unknown
240 Bicyclist Overtaking Motorist 241 Bicyclist Overtaking–Passing on Right
242 Bicyclist Overtaking–Passing on Left
243 Bicyclist Overtaking–Parked Vehicle
244 Bicyclist Overtaking–Extended Door
249 Bicyclist Overtaking–Other/Unknown
258 Head-On 250 Head–On–Bicyclist
255 Head–On–Motorist
259 Head–On–Unknown
290 Parallel Paths–Other Circumstances 219 Motorist Turn/Merge–Other/Unknown
280 Parallel Paths–Other/Unknown
225 Bicyclist Ride–out–Parallel Path
310 Bicyclist Failed to Yield–Midblock 311 Bicyclist Ride–out–Residential Driveway
312 Bicyclist Ride–out–Commercial Driveway/Alley
318 Bicyclist Ride–out–Other Midblock
319 Bicyclist Ride–out–Midblock–Unknown
357 Multiple Threat– Midblock
320 Motorist Failed to Yield–Midblock 321 Motorist Drive–out–Residential Driveway
322 Motorist Drive–out–Commercial Driveway/Alley
328 Motorist Drive–out–Other Midblock
329 Motorist Drive–out–Midblock–Unknown
600 Backing Vehicle 600 Backing Vehicle
850 Other/UnusualCircumstances 510 Motorist Intentionally Caused
520 Bicyclist Intentionally Caused
700 Play Vehicle-Related
800 Unusual Circumstances
400 Bicycle Only
910 Nonroadway 910 Nonroadway
990 Other/Unknown–Insufficient Details 980 Unknown Location
970 Unknown Approach Paths



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