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Outdoor Advertising Nonconforming Sign Upgrade "Pilot" Project

Subject: Summary of South Carolina Pilot Outdoor Advertising Control Pilot Proposal, September 30, 2008

Status: Pending. Awaiting Public Hearing; Date of public hearing to be announced

The project is designed to reduce the total number of nonconforming signs while enhancing the beauty of the roadways. It is a 3 year effort that will allow upgrading of certain non conforming signs along Interstate 95 and Interstate 26 in exchange for permanent removal of others (ratio of 2 - 4 removed/1 upgraded as described below). The pilot is in reference to 23 CFR 750.707(d)(5) which pertains to maintenance and continuance of nonconforming signs. This section indicates that a nonconforming sign must remain substantially the same as it was on the effective date of the State law or regulation.

The State will offer a voluntary program to allow a nonconforming sign to be upgraded to a monopole structure with a size of no more that 672 square feet. For each upgraded nonconforming sign, 2 to 4 sign structures will be permanently removed. The number to be removed is based on the original size of sign to be upgraded as well as the size of those to be removed. Upgraded signs will be located in residential or agricultural or similarly zoned areas.

Key requirements of the program include:

The SCDOT had stakeholder involvement with outdoor advertising industry, local governments, civic organizations and citizens. Upon approval of the initial proposal it will be made available to stakeholders and the SCDOT will hold a public hearing. Hearing comments will be analyzed and submitted to the FHWA along with a request for final approval to proceed with the pilot proposal.

Updated: 9/5/2014
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