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FHWA 2014 Excellence in Right-of-Way Awards

(5) Five Categories and Criteria

Person, group, or team (may be public or private sector) who:
  • Employs innovative research and development.
  • Envisions and implements creative right-of-way solutions.
  • Adopts and implements a product or process that improves the agency's right-of-way program.
  • Protects property owner's rights.
  • Adopts, utilizes and harnesses technology.
  • Improves right-of-way practices and processes with technology, examples include:
    • Record storage and retrieval
    • Electronic appraisal
    • Right-of-Way spatial data technology
  • Improves public access to right-of-way program information, examples include:
    • Public internet access to policies, procedures and general right-of-way information.
    • Public forums to discuss transportation projects involving right-of-way.
Person, group, or team (may be public or private sector) who:
  • Demonstrates a commitment to integrate right-of-way considerations into their organization's culture.
  • Achieves clear commitment of staff and resources.
  • Demonstrates team building and sharing of responsibilities in the right-of-way program.
  • Meets right-of-way challenges creatively.
  • Demonstrates a lifetime commitment to the field of right-of-way.
  • Fosters collaboration with Tribal, Federal, State or local agencies.
State or local public agency that:
  • Uses effective measures to guard against fraud, waste and abuse.
  • Fosters measurable process improvement.
  • Uses creative techniques to educate employees and local public agency staff.
  • Employs interactive workshops to explore new ways to deliver programs while protecting property owner rights.
  • Uses new techniques to estimate project costs to deliver projects at or under budget.
  • Continuously updates the right-of-way procedural manual for effective stewardship.
  • Continuously updates guidance and training for local public agencies to ensure effective processes.
  • Uses effective quality assurance during program delivery.
  • Monitors local public agencies for quality assurance.
Streamlining and Integration
Public or private organization that:
  • Demonstrates right-of-way's role in the multidisciplinary design process:
    • Examples of success where effective integration of right-of-way with planning, environment, and design have improved the project development process.
    • Examples of success where integration process implementation saves money and time on the project(s) for the sponsoring agency/project owner.
    • Examples of success where right-of-way acquisition was a key component of the successful implementation of one or more the current key FHWA national initiatives as part of right-of-way activities.
  • Demonstrates reduced project and process delays.
  • Integrates and enhances interagency coordination.
  • Incorporates innovative mitigation and enhancement measures.
  • Builds partnerships and enhances proactive public involvement.
  • Increases amount and range of public involvement.
  • Increases public access to information.
  • Uses state-of-the-art technology to enhance access.
  • Promotes the efficient use of public funds.
Peer of the Year award
Person, group, or team (may be public or private sector) who:
  • Exhibits a history of consistent volunteering.
  • Goes "above and beyond" their assigned duties and responsibilities.
  • Plays key roles in achieving successful outcomes in numerous critical programs or projects in the right-of-way profession.
  • Enhances project development by implementing new project strategies and duties.
Updated: 10/17/2013
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