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Appendix A: Applicable USC and CFR Provisions for Federal-Aid Program

A. Title 23 USC – Chapter 1 – Federal-aid Highways
§ 107(d)

(d) Whenever rights-of-way, including control of access, on the Interstate System are required over lands or interests in lands owned by the United States, the Secretary may make such arrangements with the agency having jurisdiction over such lands as may be necessary to give the State or other person constructing the projects on such lands adequate rights-of-way and control of access thereto from adjoining lands, and any such agency is directed to cooperate with the Secretary in this connection.

B. Title 23 USC – Chapter 3 – General Provisions
§ 317. Appropriation for highway purposes of lands or interests in lands owned by the United States

(a) If the Secretary determines that any part of the lands or interests in lands owned by the United States is reasonably necessary for the right-of-way of any highway, or as a source of materials for the construction or maintenance of any such highway adjacent to such lands or interests in lands, the Secretary shall file with the Secretary of the Department supervising the administration of such lands or interests in lands a map showing the portion of such lands or interests in lands which it is desired to appropriate.

(b) If within a period of four months after such filing, the Secretary of such Department shall not have certified to the Secretary that the proposed appropriation of such land or material is contrary to the public interest or inconsistent with the purposes for which such land or materials have been reserved, or shall have agreed to the appropriation and transfer under conditions which he deems necessary for the adequate protection and utilization of the reserve, then such land and materials may be appropriated and transferred to the State transportation department, or its nominee, for such purposes and subject to the conditions so specified.

(c) If at any time the need for any such lands or materials for such purposes shall no longer exist, notice of the fact shall be given by the State transportation department to the Secretary and such lands or materials shall immediately revert to the control of the Secretary of the Department from which they had been appropriated.

(d) The provisions of this section shall apply only to projects constructed on a Federal-aid system or under the provisions of chapter 2of this title.

C. 23 CFR Section 710.601 – Federal land transfer

(a) The provisions of this subpart apply to any project undertaken with funds for the National Highway System. When the FHWA determines that a strong Federal transportation interest exists, these provisions may also be applied to highway projects that are eligible for Federal-aid under Chapters 1 and 2 of title 23, of the United States Code, and to highway-related transfers that are requested by a State in conjunction with a military base closure under the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Act of 1990 (Public Law 101–510, 104 Stat. 1808, as amended).

(b) Sections 107(d) and 317 of title 23, of the United States Code provide for the transfer of lands or interests in lands owned by the United States to an STD or its nominee for highway purposes.

(c) The STD may file an application with the FHWA, or can make application directly to the land-owning agency if the land-owning agency has its own authority for granting interests in land.

(d) Applications under this section shall include the following information:

(1) The purpose for which the lands are to be used;
(2) The estate or interest in the land required for the project;
(3) The Federal-aid project number or other appropriate references;
(4) The name of the Federal agency exercising jurisdiction over the land and identity of the installation or activity in possession of the land;
(5) A map showing the survey of the lands to be acquired;
(6) A legal description of the lands desired; and
(7) A statement of compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (42 USC 4332, et seq.) and any other applicable Federal environmental laws, including the National Historic Preservation Act (16 USC 470(f)), and 23 USC 138.

(e) If the FHWA concurs in the need for the transfer, the land-owning agency will be notified and a right-of-entry requested. The land-owning agency shall have a period of four months in which to designate conditions necessary for the adequate protection and utilization of the reserve or to certify that the proposed appropriation is contrary to the public interest or inconsistent with the purposes for which such land or materials have been reserved. The FHWA may extend the four-month reply period at the timely request of the land-owning agency for good cause.

(f) Deeds for conveyance of lands or interests in lands owned by the United States shall be prepared by the STD and certified by an attorney licensed within the State as being legally sufficient. Such deeds shall contain the clauses required by the FHWA and 49 CFR 21.7(a) (2). After the STD prepares the deed, it will submit the proposed deed with the certification to the FHWA for review and execution.

(g) Following execution, the STD shall record the deed in the appropriate land record office and so advise the FHWA and the concerned agency.

(h) When the need for the interest acquired under this subpart no longer exists, the STD must restore the land to the condition which existed prior to the transfer and must give notice to the FHWA and to the concerned Federal agency that such interest will immediately revert to the control of the Federal agency from which it was appropriated or to its assigns. Alternative arrangements may be made for the sale or reversion or restoration of the lands no longer required as part of a memorandum of understanding or separate agreement.

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