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Program Guide

Utility Relocation and Accommodation
on Federal-Aid Highway Projects

Sixth Edition
January 2003

Prepared By:
Office of Program Administration
Federal Highway Administration

Electronic version of publication FHWA-IF-03-014

PDF Version (300 kb)
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - Utility Relocations, Adjustments, and Reimbursement

Payment Standards
State's Own Funds
Local Government Owned Utilities
Local Projects
Indian Reservation Roads Projects
Utility Cost Sharing Proposals
Authority To Approve Utility Payment Statements
Engineering Studies
Preliminary Engineering
Consultant Services
Value Engineering
Uniform Act Requirements
Issue Of "Displaced Person"
Replacement Right-Of-Way
Agreements and Authorizations
Agreement Components
Fixed Amount (Lump Sum) Payments
Cost Effectiveness Finding
Wage Rate And EEO Requirements
MBE, Clean Air, And Other Contract Requirements
Utility Let Contracts (Concurrence In Award)
Construction Engineering Costs
Cost Development and Reimbursement
Labor Costs (Engineering Or Inspection)
Indirect Or Overhead Costs
Materials (Recovered From Permanent Facility)
Materials (Recovered From Temporary Use)
Materials (Cost Of Removal)
Equipment And Transportation Costs
Credits (Accrued Depreciation)
Credits (Betterments)
Average Rates
Unit Costs
Alternate Procedures Other Issues
Subsurface Utility Engineering
Applicability of the Brooks Bill to Subsurface Utility Engineering
Relocating Utilities On Federally Owned Land Transferred To A State
Utility Adjustments On Emergency Relief Projects
Reimbursement To Adjust Utilities Improperly Installed On A Highway
Relocation Of Joint-Use Utility Facilities
Undergrounding Utility Lines
Interest Payments
Loss Of Revenue
Payment For "Gas Lost"
Operating Costs
Spare Ducts, Conduits, And Cables
Intercompany Profits
Prorating Costs
Utilities Serving A Highway Purpose
Sewage Treatment Facilities In Rest Areas
Federal Taxes
Construction Delay Claims
Metric Conversion
Pipeline Facilities Constructed to Accommodate Inspection
Warranty Clauses
Utility Tunnels
Context Sensitive Design
Combined Sewers

Chapter 2 Utility Accommodation

Private Lines
Public Interest Finding
State Authority
Federal Lands
Clear Zone
General Requirements
Right-Of-Way Needs And Utility Use
New Above Ground Utility Installations/Clear Zone Policies
Installations On Freeways
Freeway Accommodation Policies
Median Installations
Access To Utility Facilities (Including Gates)
Uniform Policies and Procedures
Utility Use Where State Lacks Authority
Scenic Areas
Traffic Control Plan
Corrective Measures/Utility Pole Safety Programs
Utility Determination
State Utility Accommodation Policies
Overall Process
Agricultural Lands
Use and Occupancy Agreements (Permits)
Overall Process
Overall Process
FHWA Washington Headquarters Involvement
Other Issues
Acceptance Of AASHTO Policy And Guide
Toll Roads
Encasement Of Pipeline Crossings
Pavement Cuts
Jacking/Boring vs. Directional Drilling
Utilities Attached To Structures
Fiber Optics/Wireless Telecommunications On Freeway Right-Of-Way
Longitudinal Telecommunication Lines On Freeways For A State's Own Use
Fees Charged for Telecommunications Use of Highway Right-of-Way
Facilities Similar to Utilities
Highway Utility Safety

Appendix A - 23 CFR, Part 645, Subpart A - Utility Relocations, Adjustments and Reimbursement

Appendix B - 23 CFR, Part 645, Subpart B - Accommodation of Utilities

Appendix C - 23 U.S.C. 123 - Relocation of Utility Facilities

Appendix D- 23 U.S.C. 109(l)(1) - Pertaining to Accommodation of Utilities

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