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Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Research and Technology Agenda


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The FHWA Research and Technology (R&T) Agenda Web site tells the FHWA R&T story—what we do and why we do it. The site provides a high-level overview and context of FHWA’s R&T and shows the cross-cutting work of the Agency’s offices. Our intent is to improve accessibility of the FHWA R&T portfolio to stakeholders and provide a means for stakeholder input.

The Web site presents FHWA’s R&T Agenda from two perspectives. The site is organized around FHWA’s strategic R&T objectives,which drive R&T programs in infrastructure, operations, safety, policy, planning and environment, Federal lands, exploratory advanced research, and innovative program delivery. The site also presents the major, national-level R&T challenges facing the United States and how FHWA is addressing them:


To help users find information, the FHWA R&T Agenda also is presented by traditional topic areas:


The FHWA R&T Program is based on objectives and strategies for each office (such as, infrastructure or safety). Offices accomplish their objectives through innovative strategies that guide research planning on high-priority topics. Activities follow from the objectives and strategies. The Web site depicts each office’s objectives, strategies, and examples of activities that illustrate how the R&T Agenda stimulates new practices and policies, resulting in more sustainable roadways across the United States.