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Aerodynamics Laboratory Products and Services


The Aerodynamics Laboratory provides the following products and services


  1. Short- and long-term monitoring of structural behavior
  2. Short- and long-term monitoring of site wind conditions
  3. Wind tunnel experimental investigations of new and proposed bridge designs
  4. Review of external experimental programs and results
  5. Design and deployment of automated remote instrumentation systems
  6. Evaluation of bridge aerodynamic performance problems and design of retrofits
  7. Static, dynamic, and aerodynamic analysis of long-span bridge structures
  8. Study of flow and structure interaction
  9. Publication of staff research reports, journal articles, and conference papers
  10. Software development for aerodynamic analysis
  11. Software development for flow simulation
  12. Software development for the study of aerodynamically induced structural response
  13. Investigation of stay cable dynamic properties
  14. Design certifications
  15. Recommended design modifications or retrofits
  16. Laboratory data for design, including - aerodynamic force coefficients, flutter derivatives, etc
  17. Recommended design specifications
  18. Extensive laboratory and field data archives
  19. Design of stay cable damping systems
  20. Continued contribution to the state of the art in wind engineering, bridge engineering, aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics and experimental methods