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Experimental Aerodynamics Projects


Instrumentation Development

Small-Scale, Closed-Circuit Wind Tunnel
A new small-scale wind tunnel has been placed into service to complement the capabilities of our large wind tunnel. This new facility will be used for flow visualization and other special studies. So far, it has been used for particle image velocimetry (PIV) projects, wind pressure measurements on generic deck sections, and evaluation of pressure sensitive paint (PSP) and shear stress sensitive film (S3F) technologies. This is an ongoing project.

Bluff Body Aerodynamics

Tapered Cylinder Aerodynamics Research
Experimental parametric study of tapered cylinders of varying cross sectional shape, in incompressible laminar flow. Study of aerodynamic forces and moments and their frequency response. Determination of optimum shapes and dynamic response to wind excitation. This project had been on hold, but was recently restarted.

Aerodynamic Investigation of Generic Bridge Section Shapes
Aerodynamic investigation of representative generic bridge section shapes. The spectrum of shapes studied covers a large number of the geometrical layouts in service today. The purpose of the study is to determine the static and dynamic aerodynamic characteristics of these basic shapes in order to support design and development process by introducing aerodynamic information early in the design process. This is an ongoing project.

Aerodynamic Investigation of Modeled Bridge Sections
The purpose of the study is to determine the static and dynamic aerodynamic characteristics of these modeled bridge shapes. Models were designed and constructed with great geometrical fidelity with the intention of modeling the flow interaction in the most accurate way possible. This is an ongoing project.

Application of Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) to Bridge Deck Aerodynamics
Application of particle image velocimetry to the study of flow around bridge deck models and other types of bluff bodies. PIV flow analysis yields detailed flow information including velocity and pressure distributions, vorticity fields, and calculated body forces. Several experiments were designed. These included various generic bridge model shapes to be studied at low Reynolds numbers and varying angles of attack.  This is a completed project.

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