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Binder Laboratory


Asphalt Pavement Technology

Binder Rheology Laboratory Publications


  1. Aroon Shenoy, Unifying asphalt rheological data using the material's volumetric-flow rate, Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, Vol.13, pp. 260-273 (2001). (.pdf, 298 kb)

  2. Aroon Shenoy, Validating the generality and predictive ability of unified rheological curves for unmodified paving asphalts, Construction and Building Materials Journal, Vol. 14 (6-7), pp. 325-339 (2000). (.pdf, 218 kb)

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  7. Naga Shashidhar and Aroon Shenoy, On using micromechanical models to describe dynamic mechanical behavior of asphalt mastics, Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, Washington D. C., January 9-13 (2000). (.pdf, 260 kb)

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  11. Aroon Shenoy, Model-fitting the master curves of the dynamic shear rheometer data to extract a rut-controlling term for asphalt pavements, ASTM - Journal of Testing and Evaluation, Vol. 30, No. 2, March 2002. (.pdf, 91KB)


  1. Aroon Shenoy, Material's Volumetric-flow Rate (MVR): A useful parameter for unification of rheological data and QC /QA of asphalt binders, Internal Summary Report, 13 pages (2001). (.pdf, 99 kb)

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* For more information on the off-site contractor research program which produced these reports, see the Western Research Institute website - under asphalt materials followed by asphalt characterization.