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Strategic Objective 4: Evaluation and use of pavement condition data in pavement management


The following boxes are Analysis Outcomes for Objective 4. To see specific analysis projects for each Outcome, click on the corresponding box.

Blue Box: A. Comprehensive guidelines for assessing the relative performance of different pavements. VH1 (Very high priority, number 1 in sequence).

Blue Box: B. Improve measures of pavement structural condition for use in network-level pavement management. VH2 (Very high priority, number 2 in sequence).

Green Box: C. Models relating functional and structural performance. H2 (High priority, number 2 in sequence).

Green Box: D. Criteria for applying performance measures (including variability) to construction quality evaluation. H2 (High priority, number 2 in sequence).

Green Box: E. Relationship between variation in pavement performance measures and environmental factors. H2 (High priority, number 2 in sequence).



Critical = color-coded red box for critical priority
Very High = color-coded blue box for very high priority
High = color-coded green box for high priority
Sequence = number-coded boxes 1, 2, or 3 in sequence


Note: Sequence numbers denote the order in which Analysis Outcomes should be addressed for a given Objective. Analysis Outcomes with the same sequence number can be addressed at the same time.



Strategic Plan for LTPP Data Analysis



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