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Project Information
Project ID:   FHWA-PROJ-07-0016
Project Name:   Improving the Seismic Resilience of the Federal-Aid Highway System
Project Status:   Active
Start Date:  August 1, 2007
End Date:  April 14, 2014
Contact Information
Last Name:  Yen
First Name:  Fred
Telephone:  202-493-3076
E-mail:  fred.faridazar@dot.gov
Office:   Office of Infrastructure Research and Development
Team:   Infrastructure Analysis and Construction Team [HRDI-20]
Program:   Seismic Research
Project detail
Roadmap/Focus area(s):   Infrastructure Research and Technology Strategic Plan and Roadmap
Project Description:   Resilience is now expected by the traveling public as an integral component of any design strategy. Life-safety is also expected to ensure rapid recovery and minimal impact on the socioeconomic fabric of modern society. This realization has led to the concept of performance-based seismic design, which is a relatively new development in the design and construction of transportation infrastructure. This research is to study the seismic resilience of highway systems with a view to improving the performance of transportation systems subject to major earthquakes. Under this project, a comprehensive assessment tool to measure highway resilience shall be developed by improving current loss estimation technologies, such as the Risks from Earthquake Damage to Roadway System; factors affecting system resilience will be identified, such as damage-tolerant bridge structures and network redundancy; design aids for curved bridges and those structures in near-fault regions will be developed; and new technologies will be developed for improving the seismic performance of bridges.
Goals:   The objective of this project is to study bridge seismic resilience and develop the necessary technology to improve the seismic safety of the highway system.
Product Type:   Research report
Test Methodology:   The study will include the enhancement of loss estimation technology for highway systems, which will encompass the customization of resilience studies of the Risks from Earthquake Damage to Roadway System; development of design guidelines for curved bridges and fragility functions for highway systems due to earthquake hazard; experimental studies on bridge model dynamic tests; a large-scale curved-girder bridge model will be tested using four portable shake tables; near-fault effects of bridge dynamic response will be studied using bridge model tests; a joint study of a full-scale bridge column will be tested to determine seismic performance by using a shake table (the goal of this task is to understand the scale effects of bridges under dynamic testing); and system resilience studies, which will involve the development of performance measures that quantify system resilience.
Other Information:   This study is a Congressionally mandated research project under the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users.
Expected Benefits:   Improve seismic safety and resilience of bridges.
Deliverables: Name: General Recommendations.
Product Type(s): Research report
Description: Guidelines, specifications, and examples for seismic design and retrofitting of bridges (December 2012).
FHWA Topics:   Roads and Bridges--Design
TRT Terms:   Earthquake Resistant Design
Bridge Construction
FHWA Disciplines:   Design
Subject Areas:   Bridges and other structures


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