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Project Information
Project ID:   FHWA-PROJ-08-0010
Project Name:   Federal Highway Administration Support for TPF-5(039) Falling Weight Deflectometer Calibration Center and Operational Improvements
Project Status:   Completed
Start Date:  July 5, 2008
End Date:  July 19, 2010
Contact Information
Last Name:  Jiang
First Name:  Yan (Jane)
Telephone:  202-493-3149
E-mail:  jane.jiang@dot.gov
Office:   Office of Infrastructure Research and Development
Team:   Long-Term Pavement Performance Team [HRDI-30]
Program:   Innovative Pavement Research and Deployment
Project detail
Roadmap/Focus area(s):   Infrastructure Research and Technology Strategic Plan and Roadmap
Project Description:   Support activities of the pooled fund study by performing quality assurance reviews of the State-hosted calibration centers, attend and facilitate Technical Advisory Committee meetings, see the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials falling weight deflectometer calibration standard through the review process, and publish the final reports.
Goals:   The key project objective is to develop improved¬†falling weight deflectometer (FWD) calibration procedures, which is critical to¬†reliable and effective pavement design.
More Information URL(s):  
  1. http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/pavement/pub_details.cfm?id=475
Field Test:   deflection testing using Falling Weight Deflectometers
Product Type:   Data
Draft standard, specifications, or guidelines
Promotional materials
Research report
Training materials
Test Methodology:   field testing, data analysis
Expected Benefits:   The calibration of the falling weight deflectometer provides the best assurance for the accuracy of deflection data and analysis results on all types of falling weight deflectometer applications, including estimating the remaining service life, forensics, and pavement rehabilitation design. The additional calibration centers will provide States access to free falling weight deflectometer calibration services with closer geographic proximity.
Deliverables: Name: Final report, recommended practice, hardware, software, and manual.
Product Type(s): Research report, Promotional materials, Software, Training materials, Hardware, Data, Draft standard, specifications, or guidelines
Description: The deliverable is a report describing the overall research effort, software and hardware development, implementation, and documentation.
Related URL(s):   http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/research/tfhrc/programs/infrastructure/pavements/ltpp/calibrat.cfm
Project Findings:   Improved falling weight deflectometer (FWD) calibration procedures.
FHWA Topics:   Research/Technologies--FHWA Research and Technology
TRT Terms:   Deflection Tests
Falling Weight Deflectometers
FHWA Disciplines:   Pavement and Materials
Subject Areas:   Research


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