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PMSS Project Details


Project ID:FHWA-PROJ-09-0037
Project Name: Effects of Automated Transit and Pedestrian/Bicycling Facilities on Urban Travel Patterns
Status: Completed
Last Name:Ferlis
First Name:Robert A (Bob)
Office: Office of Operations Research and Development
Project Description:The purpose of this Exploratory Advanced Research project is to assess the potential of transformative improvements in neighborhood-serving transit and pedestrian and cycling facilities to shift neighborhood trips and transit access trips from the automobile to other modes. The neighborhood serving transit concepts will include an automated community transit system. To ensure that the modeled changes are of sufficient magnitude to shift modal choice significantly; transportation and land-use attributes of a city rich in pedestrian, transit, and cycling opportunities will be used as a basis for future scenarios. The analysis will be conducted with specialized agent-based and activity-based transportation models, and enabled through a special household travel survey to allow the potential new service concepts to be visualized and assessed by potential consumers.
Start Date: September 1, 2009
End Date: December 31, 2013
Goals:Providing innovative pedestrian, bicycle, and transit facilities and services will attract travelers and decrease passenger car travel.
Test Methodology: Develop innovative facilities and services, conduct traveler survey, develop and calibrate demand model, and determine possible modal shifts and other impacts on travel.
Partners: University of Illinois Chicago; Role(s): Technical
More Information about this Project:
The UM has posted the detailed final report at:
Expected Benefits:Increase mode share of nonautomobile travel.
Deliverables:Name: Technical report.
Product Type(s): Other
Description: Discussion of research methodology and results.
Publication URL(s):
The UM has posted the detailed final report at:
Keywords: Public Transit
Travel Demand
Highway Traffic Control
Automobile Travel
Subject Areas: Operations and Traffic Management
Pedestrians and Bicyclists