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PMSS Project Details


Project ID:FHWA-PROJ-10-0033
Project Name: Dilemma Zone Intelligent Transportation Systems for High-Speed Intersections
Status: Completed
Last Name:Huang
First Name:Peter
Office: Office of Operations Research and Development
Team:Trans Ops Concepts and Analysis Team
Roadmap/Focus area(s): Intersections
Project Description:The project will include hardware and software development and field testing.
Laboratories: Saxton Transportation Operations Laboratory
Start Date: August 1, 2010
End Date: September 1, 2013
Goals:The key project objective is to reduce the risk of the dilemma zone, which is a safety problem at high-speed intersections when a driver sees a yellow light and does not know whether to go or stop. This project will develop a warning system to help drivers overcome the dilemma zone problem.
Test Methodology: simulation and field testing
Fieldtest:The field test was performed at Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center's (TFHRC's) Saxton Transportation Operations Laboratory (TOL) testbed, and on public roads in Maryland and Virginia.
Expected Benefits:The expected benefit is improved safety at high-speed intersections.
Deliverables:Name: Final report and a prototype system.
Product Type(s): Research report, Hardware, Software
Description: The prototype system will be installed at Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center (TFHRC) for testing and demo. The final report will be published for public distribution.
Keywords: Intersections
Dilemma Zone
Traffic Signals
Subject Areas: Safety and Human Factors
Operations and Traffic Management