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Project Information
Project ID:   FHWA-PROJ-11-0059
Project Name:   Evaluation of Adaptive Lighting on Roadways
Project Status:   Active
Start Date:  August 8, 2011
End Date:  December 31, 2014
Contact Information
Last Name:  Thor
First Name:  Craig
Telephone:  202-493-3338
E-mail:  craig.thor@dot.gov
Office:   Office of Safety Research and Development
Team:   Safety Management Team [HRDS-20]
Project detail
Project Description:   This project will measure lighting parameters for 2,000 centerline miles of road to develop information on appropriate lighting levels and designs that maintain safety during periods of changing traffic levels.
Goals:   The key project objective is to evaluate lighting levels required during periods of low traffic that results in equivalent safety for different road types.
Product Type:   Draft standard, specifications, or guidelines
Research report
Test Methodology:   In situ measurement and analysis.
Expected Benefits:   The expected benefit is the reduction of energy consumption.
Deliverables: 1. Name: Guidelines on Implementation of Adaptive Lighting.
Product Type(s): Research report, Draft standard, specifications, or guidelines
Description: The deliverable is a set of guidelines for use by State and local agencies outlining when it is appropriate to use, and how to implement, adaptive roadway lighting.
2. Name: First critical literature review.
Product Type(s): Research report
Description: This first literature review will focus on the lighting and adaptive system criteria. Topics include the roadway luminance level, the adaptive algorithm, and the potential to save energy using adaptive technologies. The scope of the review will draw on both North American and international experience.
3. Name: Second critical literature review.
Product Type(s): Research report
Description: The second literature review will consider the case law associated with the use of adaptive lighting technologies. The review will also consider existing State and local legislation that allows for or prohibits the implementation of adaptive lighting.
FHWA Topics:   Safety--Visibility and Retroflectivity
TRT Terms:   Street Lighting
Human Factors
Energy Consumption
FHWA Disciplines:   Safety
Subject Areas:   Energy
Safety and Human Factors


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