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PMSS Project Details


Project ID:FHWA-PROJ-13-0022
Project Name: Augmenting Inductive Loop Sensor Data with SPAT and GrID (MAP) via Data Fusion, Harmonia – Phase II: Product Development (111FH2-15)
Status: Active
Last Name:Gibson
First Name:David P
Office: Office of Operations Research and Development
Team:Trans Enabling Technologies Team
Project Description:Software for the integration of loop sensor data with signal phase and timing (SPaT) and GrID (MAP) data via data fusion.
Start Date: January 17, 2013
End Date: January 17, 2016
Goals:The Inductive Loop Vehicle Sensor Data can be augmented with signal phase and timing (SPaT) and GrID (MAP) via Data Fusion to improve signal timing and reduce system induced delay.
Test Methodology: Simulation
Expected Benefits:Improved traffic operations, reduced air pollution.
Project Findings:Phase I determined that this can be done. This phase II project will attempt to conduct a demonstration of augmenting inductive loop sensor data with signal phase and timing (SPaT) and GrID (MAP) via Data Fusion.
Keywords: Operations
Collision Avoidance Systems
Traffic Signal Controllers
Loop Detectors
Subject Areas: Operations and Traffic Management
Vehicles and Equipment