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Evaluations of Low Cost Safety Improvements Pooled Fund Study


Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Members

The goal of this research is to develop reliable estimates of the effectiveness of safety improvements identified as strategies in the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 500 Guidebooks through scientifically rigorous before-and-after evaluations of sites in the United States where these strategies are being implemented.

Committee members are listed below.

State Contact Description
Alabama Timothy Barnett TAC
Linda Guin Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Division Safety Specialist
Sonya Baker Responded to 2014 survey
Arizona Kohinoor Kar TAC
Arkansas Adnan Quazi  
California Thomas Schriber New TAC member as of 2013 (replacing Janice Benton)
Ken Kochevar
John Ensch
Colorado David Reeves Attended 2013 TAC meeting
David Swenka
Connecticut Joseph P. Ouellette TAC
Florida Joseph Santos TAC
Georgia Michael Turpeau New TAC member as of 2013 (replacing Norm Cressman)
Illinois Priscilla Tobias State Safety Engineer (copy on emails)
Tim Sheehan New TAC member as of 2013
Riyad Wahab Tim's supervisor (copy on emails)
Indiana Mike Holowaty TAC contact during John Nagle's transition to retirement
Iowa Jan Laaser-Webb TAC (replaced Jeremey Voortherms in February 2014)
Kansas Steven Buckley TAC
Kentucky Tracy Lovell TAC
Louisiana April Renard TAC
Jose Rodriguez Responded to 2015 TAC survey
Maryland Eric Tabacek  
Ruihua Tao Attended 2013 TAC meeting
Massachusetts Lisa Schletzbaum TAC
Michigan Mark Bott Engineer of Traffic and Safety; new TAC member as of 2013
Minnesota Brad Estochen TAC
Mississippi  Daniel Helms TAC
Mark Thomas Attended TAC in 2013
Missouri John Miller Traffic Safety Engineer; attended 2013 TAC meeting
Montana Kraig McLeod TAC
Tricia Burke Responded to 2015 survey
Nevada Peter Aiyuk TAC
Ken Mammen TAC
New Hampshire Michelle Marshall TAC
Ron Grandmaison Attended 2014 TAC
New York Robert Limoges TAC
North Carolina Brian Mayhew TAC
Shawn Troy Frequent attendee of annual TAC meetings
North Dakota Shawn Kuntz TAC
Oklahoma David Glabas TAC
Ohio Michael McNeill New TAC member as of 2013 (replacing Jonathan Hughes)
Pennsylvania Girish (Gary) N. Modi, P.E. TAC
Jeff Roecker
Rhode Island Bob Rocchio TAC
Sean Raymond
South Carolina Joey Riddle TAC
South Dakota Andy Vandel TAC
Tennessee Brian Hurst TAC
Texas Darren McDaniel New TAC representative as of February 2015; replaces Brian Stanford
Scott Jones Attended 2013 TAC meeting
Virginia Stephen Read TAC
Washington John Milton TAC
Jennene Ring


John Bridwell TAC
Brian Porter State Traffic Safety Engineer
Andrea Bill Traffic Safety Engineering Research Program Manager - University of Wisconsin–Madison


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