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Pavements and Materials Research and Development (R&D)


FHWA's pavement and materials research and development provide technologies and solutions to advance the state–of–the art and practice in highway pavement engineering. FHWA's pavement and materials research is carried out as an integral part of FHWA's broader Infrastructure Research and Technology (R&T) Program. Accordingly, it contributes to agency–wide efforts to achieve the Agency's infrastructure R&T goals and strategic objectives

To achieve these goals and objectives, the Office's three pavement R&D teams conduct and manage research encompassing the elements needed to enable an integrated, comprehensive, performance–based approach to managing highway pavement infrastructure. This includes: structural design and performance analysis; material testing, evaluation and specification for traditional, recycled/reused, and innovative materials; long–term performance; construction technologies; monitoring and assessment of both structural and functional performance; preservation and life–cycle cost analysis.

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