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Greg Doyle
Construction Quality Engineer
55 Broadway - 10th Floor,
Cambridge, MA 02142

Ph: (617) 494-3279
FAX: (617) 494-2745

•     Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

•    Construction Quality Assurance (QA)
•    Construction Program Management & Inspection
•    Construction & Materials Specifications
•    Construction Staffing
•    Alternative Contracting Methods
•    Design-Build

Professional Associations
•    AASHTO Subcommittee on Construction, Roadways & Structures Section
•    Northeast Transportation Training & Certification Program (NETTCP) Board
•    American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
•    Boston Society of Civil Engineers (BSCE)

Professional Highlights
•    Gregory (Greg) Doyle provides national leadership as a part-time member of the FHWA Resource Center Construction & Project Management Team. He provides training and technical assistance to implement best practices in Construction Program Management & Inspection (CPMIG), Quality Assurance (QA), Alternative Contracting Methods, and Design-Build.

•    As Technical Programs Manager in the FHWA MA Division, he provides leadership and technical assistance to MassDOT, Industry, and Division staff on Construction Quality, Materials, Pavements, and related Federal-Aid Highway Program activities. He was instrumental in leading the establishment of the Every Day Counts (EDC) State Innovation Council (STIC) and Deployment Teams in Massachusetts.

•    Often using a "team-based" approach, Greg has helped lead the establishment of a number of challenging and successful FHWA/State/Industry partnerships that have been instrumental in moving construction quality and pavement programs forward in the Northeast and nationally, including: the Northeast Transportation Training & Certification Program (NETTCP), the Massachusetts Pavement Quality Partnership (MassPQP), and the Massachusetts Construction Career Days (MassCCD) program.

•    He has served on the NETTCP Board of Directors since it was founded in 1995, has chaired several NETTCP committees, and is a co-author and instructor for the NETTCP Construction QA certification course. He also served as a Director for the Northeast Pavement Preservation Partnership (NEPPP).

•    Greg is an active member of the AASHTO Subcommittee on Construction (Roadways & Structures Section) and the AASHTO Subcommittee on Materials (Technical Section 5c) and has co-authored several Quality Assurance related guidelines or standards for these subcommittees. He served as a member of the NCHRP Panel to update the AASHTO Guide Specifications for Highway Construction (2006-2007).

•    Mr. Doyle's career with the FHWA has included assignments in the states of Virginia, New Jersey, California, Indiana, Maryland, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia. Previous positions include Technical Services Team Leader, Technology Programs Engineer, Region 1 Materials Engineer, Engineering Systems Engineer, Project Area Engineer for the Ted Williams Tunnel in Boston, Area Engineer, and Assistant Area Engineer. Greg is a graduate of the FHWA Highway Engineer Training Program.

•    He began his highway engineering career in 1982 with the Maryland State Highway Administration.

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