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Problem: Walking frequently has been overlooked in the quest to build sophisticated transportation systems

The tools available in the Pedestrian Safety Guide and Countermeasure Selection System (PEDSAFE) are designed to enable practitioners to effectively select and review engineering, education, or enforcement treatments to mitigate a known crash problem or to help change motorist and/or pedestrian behaviors.

Putting It in Perspective

  • In 2003, 4,749 pedestrians were killed and approximately 70,000 were injured in traffic crashes in the United States.

Solution: Provide practitioners with the latest information available for improving the safety and mobility of those who walk

PEDSAFE is an online system designed to assist practitioners with the selection of countermeasures to address pedestrian safety and mobility problems. It is the next generation of the FHWA report titled Pedestrian Facilities User Guide-Providing Safety and Mobility (FHWA-RD-01-102). PEDSAFE is available in hard copy or on CD-ROM.

The PEDSAFE system includes several interactive tools and is designed to:

  • Provide information on the countermeasures available for preventing pedestrian crashes and/or improving motorist and pedestrian behavior.
  • Highlight the purpose, considerations, and cost estimates associated with each countermeasure.
  • Provide a decision process to select the most applicable countermeasures for a specific location.
  • Provide links to case studies showing the various treatments and programs implemented in communities around the country.
  • Provide easy access to resources such as statistics, implementation guidance, and reference materials.


The PEDSAFE system.
The Pedestrian Safety Guide and Countermeasure Selection System is intended to provide practitioners with the latest information available for improving the safety and mobility of those who walk. The online tools provide the user with a list of possible engineering, education, or enforcement treatments to improve pedestrian safety and/or mobility based on user input about a specific location.

Successful Applications:

This project is new, with no known applications to date.

Deployment Statement

Information on PEDSAFE is detailed in a one-page flyer (FHWA-SA-05-001) that can be distributed at conferences and other events.

Deployment Goal

Localities use the PEDSAFE countermeasure selection system to develop and implement potential countermeasures and solutions to help solve their crash problems.

Deployment Status

As of December 2005, all hard copies of PEDSAFE had been distributed. FHWA, however, is in the process of printing 2,500 additional copies, which should be available by March 1, 2006. In addition, as of December 2005, approximately half of the 5,000 PEDSAFE CD-ROMS had been distributed.

Additional Resources

For more information on pedestrian safety.

For more information, contact:

Tamara Redmon, FHWA Office of Safety
Phone: 202-366-4077
E-mail: tamara.redmon@fhwa.dot.gov

Aida Berkovitz, FHWA Resource Center
Phone: 415-744 -2614
E-mail: aida.berkovitz@fhwa.dot.gov

Peter Eun, FHWA Resource Center
Phone: 360-753-9551
E-mail: peter.eun@fhwa.dot.gov

To request additional copies of this publication, contact:

Carin Michel, FHWA Resource Center
Phone: 410-962-2530
E-mail: carin.michel@fhwa.dot.gov

TaMara McCrae, FHWA Corporate Research and Technology
Phone: 202-493-3382
E-mail: tamara.mccrae@fhwa.dot.gov


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