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Prestressed Concrete Committee for Economic Fabrication (PCEF)

Georgia/Carolinas PCEF Committee Meeting

ACTION ITEMS – from August 13, 2009 Meeting

5. Materials, Fabrication and Construction

5.a Accelerated construction Informational Item
Lead: Bener Amado William Nickas, Reid Castrodale
• William Nickas to forward information on accelerated construction from Utah DOT, FHWA publications, PCINE Guidelines and TennDOT white paper to Bener Amado with copies to Peter Finsen and provide links if possible.
• Gary Shrieves to get information on recent project for MD and send to Bener Amado with copy to Peter Finsen.

5.b SCC Informational Item
Lead: Jeff Carroll Aly Hussein, David Greene, Gary Shrieves
• Aly Hussein and/or Paul Ziehl to give a presentation on SCDOT SCC research results and specifications at next PCEF meeting.

5.c Region-specific PCI plant certification Future Item
Lead: Peter Finsen William Nickas
• Peter Finsen to get information on the IL DOT state-specific plant certification program to discuss at individual meetings with DOTs.

6. Parameters and Standardization

6.a Precast pavements [approach slabs] Informational Item
Lead: Tom Koch & Brian Hanks
• Tom Koch to send Peter Finsen plans and photos for NCDOT demonstration project for posting on G/C PCI website.

6.b Full-depth bridge slabs Informational Item
Lead: Brian Hanks Barry Bowers, Paul Liles
• Gary Shrieves to send a presentation on the George Washington Parkway project to Brian Hanks.
• Reid Castrodale to invite Mike Culmo to give a presentation on his work for Utah DOT at the next PCEF meeting.
• William Nickas to look into obtaining a progress version of the PCI document on full-depth deck slabs for distribution.

6.c Deck bulb tees Active Item
Lead: Richard Potts Reid Castrodale, JR Parimuha, Tom Koch, Bener Amado
• Richard Potts to prepare a cross-section comparison, including design and construction issues and contractor concerns, for circulation to the States for review prior to the 02-18-10 meeting.

6.d Process standardization
Lead: Jeff White
Contractor proposed alternate designs Informational Item
• William Nickas to give presentation on available options with case studies at c.
Electronic submittal of shop drawings Informational Item
Paul Liles, Bill DuVall, Dave Rister, Tim Sherrill
• GA will report on their experiences with additional trials at 02-18-10 meeting.
Fabricating girders from contract drawings New Item
Two top strands in product Active Item
Richard Potts
• Each DOT to send standard details and notes related to strands at top of girder sections to Jeff White by 10-15-09.
• Industry to develop proposal for standard details and notes for discussion at 02-18-10 meeting.

6.e Bearing plate and reinforcement details Active Item
Lead: Paul Liles Richard Potts
• Industry to develop proposal for standard details for discussion at 02-18-10 meeting.

6.f Pile standards Active Item
Lead: Paul Liles Richard Potts
• Gary Shrieves to send VDOT standards to Richard Potts by 10-15-09.
• Brian Hanks to send NCDOT work on pile standards to Richard Potts by 10-15-09.
• Richard Potts to send collected pile standards to Paul Liles by 11-15-09.
• Richard Potts to develop interaction diagrams using PCI spreadsheet for piling and send to Paul Liles by 11-15-09.

6.g Evaluation of girder shapes Active Item
Lead: Reid Castrodale
• Reid Castrodale to prepare a table showing any variation in section dimensions between the states by 10-15-09.
• Reid Castrodale to develop a catalog of dimensions and a comparison of span ranges for current DOT practices, Mid-Atlantic states PCEF, and the new Florida FIB sections for presentation at 02-18-09 meeting.
• Reid Castrodale to submit catalog to William Nickas for review by 11-15-09.
• Industry to develop proposal for standardization of shapes or new sections for presentation at 02-18-10 meeting.

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