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Transportation Performance Management

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June 2016

  1. Performance Dashboards
  2. Safety, Mobility, Congestion
  3. Asset Management
  4. Research, Technical Reports, Guides
  5. Events, Conferences, Workshops, Webinars
  6. Performance Measures & Reports
  7. Proposed & Final Rulings
  8. Trends

1. Performance Dashboards

  • Open|Data: PennDot's GIS Data Portal
    PennDOT - 06/12/2016
    The portal leverages a GIS platform used in several states and helps local government, planning and business partners as well as the public. The data, grouped by roadways, bridges, rail, facilities, boundaries and projects, can be used for mapping, sharing, charting and more.

  • SCDOT Mobility Dashboard
    SCDOT - 06/12/2016

  • SCDOT Economy Dashboard
    SCDOT - 06/12/2016

  • SCDOT Safety Dashboard
    SCDOT - 06/12/2016

  • NCDOT Organizational Performance Dashboard
    NCDOT - 06/12/2016
    The N.C. Department of Transportation is committed to measuring and improving performance. The department's Organizational Performance Dashboard serves as an indicator of how well they are meeting their mission and goals.

2. Safety, Mobility, Congestion

3. Asset Management

  • (NCHRP) Synthesis 494: Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Management of Highway Assets (.pdf, 2 mb)
    TRB - 06/12/2016
    Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Management of Highway Assets documents the state of the practice of life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) and risk-based analysis into state highway agencies' asset management plans for pavements and bridges on the National Highway System. The objective of this project was to develop an inventory of quantitative asset-level, project-level, or corridor-level processes and models for predicting life-cycle costs associated with the preservation and replacement of highway assets.

4. Research, Technical Reports, Guides

  • Texas Transportation Researcher: Vol. 52, No.1, 2016 (.pdf, 1 kb)
    Texas A&M Transportation Institute - 06/13/2016
    The Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) at Texas A&M University has released the latest version of its periodic magazine that highlights TTI's research, professional, and service activities.

  • Transportation Alternatives Program Performance Management Guidebook (.pdf, 2 mb)
    FHWA - 06/12/2016
    The U.S. Federal Highway Administration has released a guidebook that implements a performance-based approach toward program goals for program managers at state departments of transportation and metropolitan planning organizations.

  • Guidebook for Developing Pedestrian and Bicycle Performance Measures
    FHWA - 06/12/2016
    This guidebook is intended to help communities develop performance measures that can fully integrate pedestrian and bicycle planning in ongoing performance management activities. It highlights a broad range of ways that walking and bicycling investments, activity, and impacts can be measured and documents how these measures relate to goals identified in a community's planning process. It discusses how the measures can be tracked and what data are required, while also identifying examples of communities that are currently using the respective measures in their planning process. This report highlights resources for developing measures to facilitate high quality performance based planning.

5. Events, Conferences, Workshops, Webinars

  • 11th National Conference on Transportation Asset Management
    TRB - 06/12/2016
    July 10–12, 2016 | Minneapolis, Minnesota -Themes will include comprehensive implementation within and across organizations, establishing and monitoring asset management plans, performance measures for asset management, tools and technology to assist decision making, transit state of good repair, and adaptation of transportation to extreme weather events and climate change. This meeting will serve as the forum for moving MAP-21 asset management initiatives into practice and will be the venue for a wide range of federal, state, MPO/local, and transit agencies, as well as private sector practitioners and university researchers to share knowledge, sponsor peer to peer learning, and work together.

  • USDOT Announces a Second Planning Final Rule Webinar
    FHWA Office of Transportation Performance Management - 06/12/2016
    Registration is now open for an FHWA/FTA webinar to provide specific information on the details of the Planning Final Rule on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM (EDT).

6. Performance Measures & Reports

  • Washington State Department of Transportation's Gray Notebook: May 2016 (.pdf, 1 kb)
    WSDOT - 06/13/2016
    The Washington State Department of Transportation has released the latest version of its quarterly report that contains updates on a range of agency activities, programs, and capital project delivery.

  • Transit Performance Measures in California (.pdf, 1 kb)
    Mineta Transportation Institute - 06/12/2016
    The Mineta Transportation Institute at San Jose State University has released a report that assesses the most commonly available transit performance measures in California so as to develop statewide measures.

  • SCDOT Monthly Management Dashboard Report (.pdf, 1 kb)
    SCDOT - 06/12/2016
    The monthly Dashboard report gives the public a clear and updated picture of the agency's internal operations, including project delivery and other major initiatives. The Monthly Management Dashboard report is posted on the SCDOT web site and on SCDOT's social media platforms.

  • Wisconsin April 2016 MAPSS Performance Improvement Report (.pdf, 1 mb)
    Wisconsin Department of Transportation - 06/12/2016

  • Wisconsin Department of Transportation April 2016 MAPSS Performance Scorecard (.pdf, .1 mb)
    Wisconsin Department of Transportation - 06/12/2016
    The Wisconsin Department of Transportation MAPSS Performance Scorecard reviews five key goals and over-arching performance measures that guide us in achieving our mission "to provide leadership in the development and operation of a safe and efficient transportation system." Establishing goals and measuring results is essential to running a successful organization and meeting public expectations.

  • Maryland Department of Transportation 2016 Annual Attainment Report on Transportation System Performance (.pdf, 5 mb)
    MDOT - 06/12/2016
    The performance of Maryland's transportation system is reported through the Annual Attainment Report on Transportation System Performance (AR), that ispublished annually along with the Maryland Transportation Plan (MTP), the State's transportation long range policy and planning document, and the Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP), the State's six-year budget for transportation projects, as the State Report on Transportation.

  • Rhode Island Department of Transportation Quarterly Performance Report (.pdf, 1 mb)
    RIDOT - 06/12/2016
    Report includes key accomplishments, statutory requirements, operations, financials and project performances.

7. Proposed & Final Rulings

  • FHWA Publishes Performance Management Final Rules and NPRMs Required by MAP-21
    FHWA - 06/12/2016
    On May 27, 2016, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) FHWA and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) published the Final Rule on Statewide and Nonmetropolitan Transportation Planning and Metropolitan Transportation Planning in the Federal Register to implement the changes to the planning process established by MAP-21 and the FAST Act.

8. Trends

  • DeepDive Transportation
    National Conference of State Legislatures - 06/13/2016
    NCSL Deep Dives are one-stop shops for the newest policy trends and ideas.

  • Beyond Traffic 2045: Trends and Choices (.pdf, 2 mb)
    USDOT - 06/12/2016
    Beyond Traffic is intended to open a national dialogue about what our country really needs and why we need it. It is a draft survey of major forces impacting transportation and a discussion of potential solutions that can be adopted to address those forces.

  • How Virginia Aims to Get Ahead of the Transportation Innovation Curve
    GovTech - 06/12/2016
    VDOT's Innovation and Technology Transportation Program already has more than a dozen proposed projects in the pipeline, along with a $74 million budget over the next six years to get some of them done.

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