The following are changes to DEMO IDs or TEA-21 Section 1602 Project Numbers resulting from the TEA-21 Technical Corrections, which are included as Title IX of the IRS act. The changes listed here only include those that affected Demo IDs or Project Numbers. Changes only involving modifications of authorization amounts or editorial changes to project descriptions are not included here.


Project 1850, Construct Bradfield Canal Road, is now Project 525. The Demo ID AK019 did not change. See Missouri and Virginia.


Demo ID FL031, Project 242, Deploy magnetic lane marking system on I-4, has been eliminated. See Minnesota.

Demo ID FL053, Project 1065, Widen State Road 44 in Volusia County, has been eliminated. See Texas.


Project 1546, Conduct a study of Interstate multimodal transportation corridor from Atlanta to Chattanooga, has been eliminated. See Michigan.

Project 1549, Conduct study of interstate multimodal transportation corridor from Atlanta to Chattanooga, has been eliminated. See New York.

No Georgia Demo IDs were eliminated because both of these projects were under Demo ID GA023 which still exists for Project 288, Conduct a study of transportation alternatives in Northwest Georgia between Atlanta and Chattanooga.


Demo ID IN029, Project 250, Construct Hazel Dell Parkway from 96th Street to 146th Street in Carmel, was eliminated and replaced with Demo ID IN050, Project 250, Reconstruct Old Merridan Corridor from Pennsylvania Avenue to Gilford Road.


Demo ID MI035, Project 166, Construct improvements to 23 Mile Road between Mound Road and M-53, Macomb County, was eliminated and replaced with Demo ID MI087, Project 166, Improve Tenth Street, Port Huron.

Demo ID MI084, Project 1468, Reconstruct I-94 between Michigan Route 14 and US-23, was eliminated and replaced with Demo ID MI088, Project 1468, Conduct engineering and design and improve I-94 in Calhoun and Jackson Counties.

Demo ID MI089, Project 1546, Construct Bridge-to-Bay bike path, St. Clair County, replaced Georgia Project 1546. See Georgia.


Demo ID MN062, Project 242, Construct Third Street North, CSAH 81, Waite Park and St. Cloud, replaced Florida Project 242. See Florida.


Demo ID MO048, Project 1850, Resurface and maintain roads located in Missouri State parks, replaced Alaska Project 1850. See Alaska.


Demo ID NY162, Project 1549, Center for Advanced Simulation and Technology, at Dowling College, replaced Georgia Project 1549. See Georgia.


Demo ID PA201, Project 1395, Construct Johnstown-Cambria County Airport Relocation Road, was eliminated and replaced with Demo ID PA092, Project 1395, Upgrade Route 219 between Meyersdale and Somerset. Demo ID PA092 is not new, since two other TEA-21 projects, 219 and 1727, already have this Demo ID.


Demo ID TX086, Project 1065, Construct a 4-lane divided highway on Artcraft Road from I-10 to Route 375 in El Paso, replaced Florida Project 1065. See Florida.


Project 525, Smart Road connecting Blacksburg, VA, to I-81, was eliminated and replaced by Alaska Project 525. See Alaska. No Virginia Demo IDs were eliminated since this project was under Demo ID VA008, which existed prior to TEA-21 and also includes another TEA-21 project, Project 1770.

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