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Data Integration Workshop

MODULE-I: Introduction (30 minutes)

Module-I serves as an introduction to the workshop. The goals and objectives for the workshop will be discussed and FHWA efforts in promoting support for data integration will be highlighted. The workshop format will be discussed and the responsibilities for the day given to the participants. An explanation of the workshop material (guide, slides, and additional resources) will be presented and distributed among the participants.

MODULE-II: Asset Management Basics (60 minutes)

Module-II covers the basics of asset management and the importance of data integration to the successful implementation and operation of an asset management program. The benefits of integrated data will also be discussed. The host agency will have an opportunity to briefly discuss their asset management effort to the group. This will allow the workshop participants to become familiar with other organization's efforts in both asset management and data integration.

MODULE-III: Data Integration (1 hour 45 minutes)

Module-III will be divided into two parts. The first part will discuss the data integration 'concept' with a mini-workshop on location referencing system (LRS) with a brief presentation from the host agency. The second part covers the data and process flow.

MODULE - IV: Case Studies (15 minutes)

Module-IV will discuss how the Michigan DOT went about data integration.

MODULE - V: Group Workshop (2 hours 45 minutes)

The group workshop will allow the participants to discuss a wide array of issues pertaining to data integration. The groups will be presented with different asset management applications to chose from including: pavements/bridge-performance or specification, safety-crash analysis or reduction, and planning. The workshop instructional framework will be as follows:

  1. Breakout groups
  2. Group presentations
  3. Summary

MODULE - VI: Workshop Summary (15 minutes)

Module -VI covers the workshop summary, lessons learned and improvement requirements, if any, for the subsequent development of final course materials.

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