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Asset Management


Transportation Asset Management Plans

Asset Management Plan Template Example 3

Section Title Key information Presented
Executive Summary Summary for key stakeholders in order to demonstrate sustainable asset stewardship, effective use of financial resources, and presenting a robust case for funding.
About the National Asset Management Plan
  • Purpose of AMP
  • Asset management for state highways
  • Scope of plan
  • Putting it into practice
Putting the Customer First
  • Identifying customer needs
  • Legislation and Government direction
  • Goals into practice
  • Different levels of service to suit different customer demands
  • Translating customer need into LOS and operating targets
  • Managing in a constrained environment
The State Highway and Its Assets Pavement and bridge inventory and conditions
  • Defining the assets
  • Asset information management
  • Summary of our assets
Operating Performance and Asset Condition Objectives and measures
  • Key principles
  • Safety performance
  • Operating performance
  • Pavement condition
  • Structural assets condition
  • Corridor assets performance and condition
Managing Customer Demand
  • Key issues
  • Knowing current demand
  • Traditional corridor operations
  • Maximizing capacity through managing demand
  • Predicting future demand
  • Environmental and social responsibility requirements
Managing Risk Risk Management Analysis
  • A basis for the business
  • Risk management approach
  • State highway risk exposures
  • Managing state highway risks
  • Emergency management and response planning
Asset Life-Cycle and Funding Requirements Life-Cycle Cost Analysis, Investment Strategies, and Financial Plan
  • Key principles
  • Historic expenditure trends
  • Asset valuation
  • Condition and risk based funding
  • Predicting condition and performance
  • Funding and programming requirements
  • "Structural" requirements and initiatives (e.g., pavements, bridges)
  • "Corridor" requirements and initiatives (e.g., lighting, signs, markings, traffic management, etc.)
Asset Life-Cycle and Funding Requirements (Continued)
  • Other requirements and initiatives (e.g., emergencies, network asset management, etc.)
  • Capital programs
  • Summary
Implementation on the Ground
  • Regional operating plans and special asset operating plans
  • Procurement
  • Detailed design and management
  • Culture of continuous improvement
Improvement Plan
  • Developing a realistic commitment
  • The improvement plan

Based on New Zealand's Asset Management Plan Outline from the AASHTO Transportation Asset Management Guide - A Focus on Implementation

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Updated: 06/27/2017
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